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I am very happy to be in a position to direct LAShTAL.COM visitors to a new service to be provided by John Crow, whose Thelema Coast To Coast continues to impress with its obvious commitment to Thelema…

As a service to the Thelemic & occult community, I have started a Thelemic announcement mailing list called HRILIU. It will only come out a few times a month, if that, and will contain subjects selected by me that have relevance to the Thelemic community; these issues include things like new publications, music, events, and other points of interest. This mailing list is sponsored by the Thelema Coast to Coast podcast, Treasure House of Pearls blog, and Luxor Press, Inc. I am using a professional mailing service so your email is not being disclosed to others or used in any inappropriate way.

Follow the following link to go to the subscription page and subscribe. It is free, informative, and easy. If you want to unsubscribe later, you can do so at the same URL or at the bottom of each mailing will be an unsubscribe link.

If you have questions regarding the mailing list, you can email me directly. Also, if you have any suggestions for content to be in the announcement list, feel free to email it to me at jcrow {at} I hope you enjoy the mailing list!

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