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One of the real joys of owning and editing LAShTAL.COM is the opportunity to witness the creative work of some extraordinary artists and writers, functioning within what could legitimately be described as Thelemic influence.

Barely a week goes past when someone doesn’t email me a piece of art, photographs of a statue or a short story on Thelemic themes.

As I say, this is a real joy…

However, among all the artists and creators, one name stands out above pretty much all the rest for the consistent high quality of her work: Laylah. From what I can recall, Laylah first made contact back in May 2005 with words of support following an attack against the site on LiveJournal. This was followed shortly afterwards by her gift to me of a graphic that I’ve used many times since:

Subsequently I obtained a Stele of Revealing crafted by her. It’s a work of art that has to be seen to be believed: beautifully crafted and now a centre-piece of my library.

And before then and since, Laylah has continued to produce a corpus of art and photographs that are simply stunning. What does she do with them? She shares them with a relative handful of friends through her LiveJournal pages. Naturally, I’ve tried several times to persuade her to promote her work on a more permanent footing, using an online Gallery… Using LAShTAL.COM…
I cannot recommend Laylah’s work too highly. And so I’m very proud to be in a position to announce that Laylah has permitted me to host her art on LAShTAL.COM: members should just click on Galleries and then Laylah’s Gallery.

Please note that all rights are reserved by the artist and works must not be reproduced in any media without her express permission.

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