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There are some remarkable events in the latest list from Treadwells, London.

For full details, read on or download a PDF from Treadwells:

As a taster, though, how about:

Abramelin – the new edition: Launch drinks and Pre-Order Collection Night
Travels of Dr. Dee: A Slide Lecture with Robin Cousins
New Light on Old Gerald: Wicca, Gardner and the Craft
The Sacred Magic of Abramelin: Saturday Seminar – A full afternoon with Editor Georg Dehn Abramelin – the new edition: Launch drinks and Pre-Order Collection Night
26th March (Monday) 76 – 8.30 pm Free.

One of the most famous texts in Western magic is the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage, whose purpose is to invoke the holy guardian angel. The first and only English edition was published about a century ago, and a new edition has long been needed, especially since additional manuscripts have been discovered. German researcher Georg Dehn has just published in English his new, critical edition of the working. Different manuscripts reveal significant differences in how the operation is to be carried out. Tonight, Christina Oakley gives a 20-minute talk introducing the highlights of the latest edition (this will be from 7 – 7.20pm). Come share a drink with us! Copies will be on sale and pre-orders can be collected.

On Dissolving the Distinction between Human and Animal:

A Series With Dr. Stephen Alexander
Dr. Stephen Alexander did his PhD at Warwick University on D.H. Lawrence and continental philosophy. His work focusses on transgression, shock and taboo subjects.
Evening Six: Becoming-Animal – On Molecular Bestiality
27th March (Tuesday) 7.15 for 7.30pm start £5

This final paper in the zoophilia series will examine the philosophically occult notion of becoming-animal, as developed by Deleuze and Guattari. Abandoning the fantasy of molar transformation, the more interesting idea is advanced. Dr Alexander suggests that we might be able to enter into a “zone of proximity” with an animal and therein exchange particles at a molecular level. This is a kind of zoophilia, shamanic power-animal relationship that has rarely been imagined within the Western shamanic community one wonders if is exists, with a different vocabulary, in native communities where shamanism exists in its native forms. Dare we imagine? Final soiree follows the always-passionate debates and discussions of these lecture-seminars. For the brave and the beautiful.

Travels of Dr. Dee: A Slide Lecture
Robin Cousins

28th March (Wednesday) 7.15 for 7.30pm start £5

John Dee, Elizabeth I’s astrologer and leading mathematician, was deeply involved with alchemy and angelic magic. The latter practices involved his scryer and best friend Edward Kelley. Dee and Kelley’s lives were filled with travel, and everywhere they went they got involved with princes, gold-making, angelic visitations, and hair-raising adventures. Robin Cousins, a long-term student of Elizabethan magical philosophy, has visited a great many of these sites across Britain and Europe. His slide lecture takes us on their journeys, outlines their adventures, and explains their magical practices. The slides show original buildings, towns, manuscripts, and magical paraphernalia.

Places illustrated include Mortlake-on-Thames, Manchester, Upton-on-Severn, Leadenham, Prague, Cracow, Trebon, Ceskykrumlov, Gilova, Most, and Krivoklat. After the slide lecture, Robin will take questions and the group can discuss some of the themes raised. Robin Cousins has published variously on Dee and Kelley over the past fifteen years. He has an exceptionally intimate knowledge of their angelic system and its working methods, which he has been studying in depth for the past two decades.

Angels and Demons, Heaven and Hell – with Dante
A Slide Lecture with Simon Image

11th April (Wednesday) 7.15 for 7.30pm start £5

An illustrated talk for anyone who wants to find out what Dante really thought the cosmos was like, as it appears in his masterpiece, the Divina Commedia. Europe’s pre-modern world was an earth-centred cosmos, with the sublunary sphere of the four elements, the realm of the planets, and the empyrean realm and the domain of God. Christian theology added the Devil at the centre of that earth – Dante followed this. But if this model were true, and all the celestial spheres were concentric, with the Empyrean surrounding everything, then the universe would have to be diabolocentric! Dante’s illustrators struggled to represent the Divina Commedia, a poem in which almost every line presents an intense, concrete image. With the help of slides, Simon Image shows what really happens when Dante finally, in the Paradiso, passes “beyond the realm of human experience”. This talk will be of interest to those drawn to renaissance magic, Enochian angelic workings, demons, exorcism and goetia. Simon Image has an MA in Italian literature from Warwick and has a longstanding interest in Dante.

Retroactive Magic in Ritual: A Chaos Magic Workshop with John Harrigan
15th April (Sunday) 11am – 6pm £40 in advance

Currently in Britain there are very few contexts in which the developing chaos magician can work with others in active contexts to refine techniques of gnosis and gain the benefits of more experienced practitioners. Treadwell?s is pleased to be one of those rare venues. John Harrigan will take you through an intensive day working with some core chaos magic techniques. In particular, you will examine retroactive time and learn how to apply it through magical ritual using powerful exercises. These combine the transcendental and theurgic strands of ceremonial magic with established theatrical techniques. Participants also re-examine notions of time, will and motivation, and show how the chaos techniques can be used to shed fixed negative, inherited identities in order to reveal true will. Suitable for all levels of experience. John Harrigan is director of the occult theatre company FoolishPeople ( They recently performed at the Horse Hospital in Bloomsbury.

New Light on Old Gerald: Wicca, Gardner and the Craft
Philip Heselton

17th April (Tuesday) 7.15 for 7.30pm start £5

Wicca’s emergence in the 1950s occurred amongst a group of innovative and creative people in the ambit round one lively person, Gerald Gardner. Philip Heselton, independent historian and doctoral researcher, is working on the comprehensive biography of the man and his milieu. He is comind down to Treadwell’s from the North of England to share his most recent (still unpublished) findings. His previous publications include Wiccan Roots: Gerald Gardner and the Modern Witchcraft Revival (Capall Bann, 2000) and Gerald Gardner and the Cauldron of Inspiration: An Investigation into the Sources of Gardnerian Witchcraft (Capall Bann, 2003).

Demon-Hunters of Japan
Laura Nakagawa-Miller

19th April (Thursday) 7.15 for 7.30pm start £5

Following on from her sell-out talk on Japanese conceptions of demons in the medieval Heian period, Laura will next present a slide lecture on the professional sorcerers whose career centred on counteracting demonic attack for the fearful nobility. Most famous of all was Abe no Seimei, who will be discussed as a real person, and then there will be an exploration of his effect on Japanese literary and pop culture right up to the present day. Laura Nakagawa Miller holds a degree in Art History from Cambridge University. She lived for several years in rural Japan where she taught and painted, holding her first one-woman show in 2005. She has lectured on various subjects in Japan, studied calligraphy for several years and was associated with a Japanese Zen Temple.

The Sacred Magic of Abramelin: Saturday Seminar
A full afternoon with Editor Georg Dehn

21st April (Saturday) 1 – 6pm £25 in advance

The famous Abramelin working of Western magic has as its aim the invocation of the holy guardian angel. Georg Dehn has been working for the past few years on a new edition and on the manuscript variants. Treadwell’s is flying him over from Germany to talk and share his findings and analyses. The programme will consist of an introductory talk on the first edition, a lecture by Georg on the new edition and his adventures, a seminar discussion, a tea break, and a round-table interview session.

Advanced Herbal Magic Day Courses
Taught by Paul Wood and Lily Moss of Treadwell’s
These days are open to anyone who has taken a previous Treadwell’s herbal or incense day course.
The advanced study days may be taken together or individually. £22 each, registration in advance, places limited.

Historical Herbalism and Folklore
22nd April (Sunday) 1 – 6pm

This day introduces participants to the main textual sources of Western magical herbalism, and gives illustrations from Anglo-Saxons to the 1970s. Participants are introduced to Lacnunga, leechcraft, early modern herbals (the “Great Herbal Period”) and to Scott Cunningham. Recipes from two or three of them will be tried in class. Recommended: Rohde, The Old English Herbals.

Trees in Traditional Magic
19th May (Saturday) 1 – 6pm

Today is dedicated to trees in magic and Norse folklore, along with their practical properties. We will go into dyeing, healing, wands, futhark runes and magical fires. There will be a brief look into Runic magic, and the use of the runes, creating runic sigils, tree correspondences to the elder and younger futhark. Recommended: Glennie Kindred, The Sacred Tree; Edred Thorsson, Futhark.

Elements Humours in Herbalism
16th June (Saturday) 12 noon – 5pm

This day explores elemental correspondences of herbs, as grounded in humoural science within the West from its Greek origins. Our aims will be to position the planets using an elemental grid system, to understand “degrees” of the elements, to convey the history of doctrines of the four elements, going into their qualities (hot/cold dry/moist, etc). We will use Galen, Agrippa, Levi and the other greats of Western magic. Practical activity will include making elemental incenses and brews. Recommended: Dorian Greenbaum, Temperament: Astrology’s Forgoetten Key.

Alchemical and Herbalism – Introducing Spargyrics
21st July (Saturday) 1 – 6pm

In this day we will survey alchemical methods and procedures, and then go into the principles of working with herbs in an alchemical way. We will discuss the excitingly-named “spagyric” preparations using handouts from the literature and overhead illustrations. Activities will consist of making a spagyric preparation using the planetary alignments on the day. Recommended: Albertus, Alchemist’s Handbook; Junius, Practical Handbook of Plant Alchemy.

Herbs in Talismans and Amulets
18th August (Saturday) 1 – 6pm

Talismans and amulets can involve plant materials, and this day will concentrate on this practice, using traditional sigils and glyphs. In this highly illustrated day with handouts and slides, discussion will also cover amulets, talismans, and sigils – a historical overview, activating magical principles, psychological effects, Austin Osman Spare’s method, “hypersigils” and personal variants. Practical activity will be centred on making a talisman. Recommended: Agrippa, Three Books of Occult Philosophy.

Ritual Workings
22nd September (Saturday) 1 – 6pm £22 but FREE (no cost) to those who have attended the previous five workshops.

This final day is dedicated to ritual. Highly practical and hands-on, the group will work on form, format, visualisation, layout, words and movement. It aims to help participants place their magical work with plants into personalised ceremonies that they can incorporate into daily life at home. The work of this day draws on skills and knowledge learnt from the preceding sessions.

Surrealist and Sorceress: Leonora Carrington
Dr. Christina Oakley-Harrington

24th April (Tuesday) 7.15 for 7.30pm start £5

This evening introduces a woman whose surrealist art is in the Tate, who was involved in the Spanish Civil War and who is a novelist and short story writer. She is also an occultists of sorts, and we contend that Leonora Carrington is an unsung heroine of twentieth-century magic. Hers is a world of magic, myth, alchemy, goddesses, jackal-headed beings, magical horses, spells, goddesses and covens of crones. Tonight’s illustrated talk will show her paintings and her magic, with some short readings from her occult-oriented prose. The speaker, Christina Oakley-Harrington, is an historian of religious belief and culture. Her doctorate is from the University of London.

Superstition and Magic: (para)-Psychologists Investigate

David Luke

30 April (Monday) 7.15 for 7.30pm start £5

Famously, psychologists often take a derogatory view of magic and superstition, and in doing so regularly theorise themselves into some awkward intellectual cul-de-sacs. Parapsychological research offer a refreshing view of the occult, as it approaches it from the standpoint of science. It welcomes the omen, the ritual and the taboo, all as possible gadgets rather than seeing them as mere gimmicks. Parapsychologists actually embrace the mind of the “primitive”. Tonight, we find out how they look at these matters, and the way their research works. David Luke has just finished his doctoral thesis at the Centre for the Study of Anomalous Psychological Processes at the University of Northampton, where he is also an occasional visiting lecturer. Northampton is the nation’s most important centre for academic scholars of parapsychology.

Myth and Mysticism: Ella Young’s Ireland
Aurelia Spottiswoode-Annat

3rd May (Thursday) 7.15 for 7.30pm start £5

Ella Young (1867–1956; born in County Antrim, Northern Ireland) was a significant figure of the Irish Literary Renaissance, writing poetry, mystical prose, and children’s versions of Celtic myths. She was an occultist, lesbian, poetess, folklorist and republican – a great friend of Maud Gonne’s. Tonight’s talk introduces Ella Young, puts her in context then goes on to look at her magical and mystical pagan practices, considering always how these shaped her image of Ireland as a nationalist. Aurelia will take in her occult group (“the Fine”), her folklore field work and her supernatural experiences in the Irish landscape. Ultimately, Young’s life and writings allow us to see the role of occultism in the formulation of a new Ireland in the early twentieth century. Aurelia Spottiswoode-Annat is researching her doctorate at Oxford.

Elen of the Ways: A Day Workshop
Caroline Wise and Friends

6th May (Sunday) 12 noon – 6pm £35

The elusive goddess Elen is the specialist subject of Caroline Wise, who has been researching her for over twenty years. Through this experiential day, participants will get to know this enigmatic figure poised at the intersection between landscape, mind and myth. The programme consists of illustrated talks, visualisation exercises, practical work and ceremony, and will follow Elen along: The Reindeer Tracks; The Forest Cuts; The Midsummer Leys; The Star Paths. Caroline Wise is a leading member of the Fellowship of Isis and founder of The Goddess Group in London. Her initial ideas on Elen were published in an essay in The Aquarian Guide to Legendary London; these have been updated and expanded for publication later this year.

Crafts Party at Treadwell’s
Hedgewitches’ Kitchen, Lisa Mead, Little Owl Candles, Woodmoss Incenses

7th May (Monday) From 7pm Free

You’ve all heard of the legendary Avon party, now come for the pagan equivalent. The talented craftspeople from Treadwell’s invite you to join them for a night of wine drinking and magical goods sampling, with demonstrations and your chance to try before you buy. If you ever wanted to know what to do with that love oil, or how to choose a sabbat soap for a particular festival, this night is for you. The Two Rebeccas will talk you through their magical soaps and baths, Paul Wood and Lily Moss introduce their historical-recipe European potions and fumigations, and the hoodoo doctor Lisa Mead talks you through the use of waters and conjure oils. Candle-witch Nathalie B. will talk about candles and their magic. Wine bar and nibbles. Ten per cent off purchases on the night.

Enfolding Magic

Professor Patricia MacCormack (Anglia Ruskin University)

8th May (Tuesday) 7.15 for 7.30pm start £5

The reconfiguration of flesh underpins contemporary Continental philosophers Deleuze and Guattari. Tonight, Patricia MacCormack takes this idea, and enfoldment of surface, as a starting point on a journey through inflecting flesh of female genitalia, sexuality, magic, horror, daemonic alliance, and the idea of becoming-woman. The female genitalia, she posits, is a monster, all the more monstrous for being so tempting, for evoking the fascination of ambivalence. For all the ways it transgresses dominant phallic paradigms it is both prohibited and revolt-ing (in both senses of the word). It is, above all, an assemblage of folds, organs, elements, textures, tastes and involutions with its disciples. It is a daemon. Who dares and invokes this daemon, then? Tonight’s speaker is senior lecturer of Continental Philosophy at Anglia Ruskin University; she works on philosophical issues in contemporary magic, including chaos magick, feminism, occult ! culture and HP Lovecraft.

Waking the Dead: Everything you Ever Wanted to Know about Stealing a Body

Damien de Barra

9th May (Wednesday) 7.15 for 7.30pm start £5

Damien DeBarra, ’s resident graveyard-worrier, elaborates the finer points of body snatching. “Premature burial. Body-snatching. The Resurrection men and the Sack-’em-ups. Jack O’ Lanterns and Will o’ the Wisps. As bizarre as these terms may sound to us now, there was a time when such phantoms haunted the nightmares of all men” The infamous “resurrection men” of the 18th and 19th centuries were grave-robbers who risked life and limb to provide corpses for anatomical schools. This talk brings them to life and tells all about them, with some shocking tales told by a master raconteur. Damien de Barra is a founding member of the news and history site , and is formerly of the National Museum of Ireland. He has an abiding fascination with graveyards.

?Magic at the Crossroads
Stephen Grasso

14th May (Monday) 7.15 for 7.30pm start £5

The crossroads is the magical point of ingress and egress between the worlds par excellence. Virtually every culture in the world recognizes the crossroads as a holy site associated with magic, witchcraft and strange transitions into the beyond. Tonight’s speaker looks at the mysteries of the crossroads as they appear in a range of cultures (including voodoo, santeria, Western myth and European superstition), as well as relating some of the insights that come from his own experiences. Stephen Grasso, who hails from Newcastle, is a practising magician, a voudonist and a writer – and has a book coming out later this year. His essays have appeared in numerous periodicals and Generation Hex (2004, Disinformation Press).

?The Strange Secret Life of Charles Williams: Littérateur and Magician of Inter-War London
Edward Gauntlett

An Introduction to Seidr: A Workshop with Katie Gerrard
9th June (Saturday) 1 – 6pm £22 in advance

Within Norse literature, the term seidr refers to acts of witchcraft and cunning craft. Within modern paganism it has been described as a Northern Tradition shamanism, and as the intuitive magic of heathenry. This workshop will use both primary and secondary descriptions of seidr, combined with personal experience, in order to explore the different aspects of practices referred to as seidr. In particular, the day will focus on the High Seat rite, which is inspired by the Greenland Sagas. The workshop will finish with an example of a High Seat rite where a seer will enter the underworld through a trance in order to converse with the ancestors and answer questions from the room. Due to the high energy nature of this rite, the workshop should only be attended if you feel you have the experience and health to work with trance techniques.

Katie Gerrard is a longstanding Wiccan high priestess who has been studying seidr both practically and academically for nine years. She has given several talks on the subject over the last four years, and runs a practical seidr group based in North London.
?Gothi & Gytha and their Hofs: Heathen Priests & Priestesses and their Temples
Pete Jennings

10th July (Tuesday) 7.15 for 7.30pm start £5

A night on the Gemanic pagan priesthood and heathen rituals. Pete Jennings reconsiders the sources of Iceland, Anglo-Saxon England and Scandinavia. Some of the best known textual evidence is re-examined (such as the Icelandic Sagas, Bede, Snorri Sturlusson and the Anglo Saxon Chronicle), and some less-known evidence is presented, such as Constantine VII, Tacitus and Adam of Bremen. He brings some new interpretations, so those who know this subject will be in for a surprise or two. Pete Jennings is a practising heathen of many years standing whose approach to historical material is avowedly reconstructionist. His work and approach give one example of how modern pagans strive to come to terms with historical evidence and make it their own, for a spiritual life grounded in the present. Pete Jennings is High Gothi of Odinshof, ex-president of the Pagan Federation and author of eleven published books. More on

Outside Events
At Treadwell’s Meeting Rooms
Aurum Solis – Magical Order
The Ordo Aurum Solis is a Western ceremonial magical order, known most widely through the writings of Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips. Its remit covers philosophy, theurgy and magic, and its approach is grounded in the hermetic, Neoplatonic tradition. Meetings held at Treadwell’s. For more information and meeting please email Website: .
The Druid Order (A.D.U.B.)
Open evening – Talk and Meditation

29th March (alternate Thursdays) 7.30pm £5 on the door

The Druid Order is well known for their public ceremonies, most notably the Midsummer rites at Stonehenge, performed in distinctive long white robes. Throughout the year, they hold public meetings for those who wish to learn more about them. There is a talk by the chief druid or a senior member, then a meditation and a discussion with tea and biscuits. For further questions ring the Order on 020 8659 4879.
First Tuesday at Offstage
1st May (and first Tuesdays monthly) From 6.30pm

The Offstage Theatre Bookshop, now relocated at Treadwell’s, once a month host an evening of play-readings, performance, live musing and other cool stuff one a month. The programme is different each time, but is always lively. It provides also a chance to meet others in the theatre world and just have a good evening. For more details, have a look at the website on or the Offstage page on MySpace .
The Furies Choir
4th April, etc. (alternate Wednesdays) 7.30pm £5

A pagan choir that sings folk songs and other works reflecting the seasons of the year and mythology/folklore. The repertoire is varied and challenging. The group is currently working on some early music pieces and are looking for new members. They would love to hear from you if you think the choir might appeal. The first rehearsal is free, to just try it out. Come along to the next rehearsal or say hello by dropping a note to Mawgen at
Heathen Moot
14th April (Saturday) afternoon

This quarterly moot at Treadwell’s meeting rroms is for all who are interested in the heathen, Northern traditions. The usual format is that there is a lovely mix of mead, chat, music, discussion. If you think this might appeal, and you fancy spending time with other Heathen-inclined folk, drop an email to Alwin at Or come along.
Improve Tarot Reading Skills (T.A.B.I)
24th March (Saturday) 10.30am – 5.00pm

A day for tarot readers to develop their face-to-face tarot reading skills, hosted by the Tarot Association of Great Britain. The day is made up of three sessions, plus lunch and breaks. Basic knowledge of tarot and basic ability to do tarot reading is a pre-requisite. Register: Information on the Tarot Association of the British Isles: . Lunch included in the price of the day.
Korean Hand Massage and Mongolian Koyashai Massage: One-Day Course
12th May (Saturday) 10am – 5.30pm £90

This is a one-day qualification course in these two techniques. Part One: Korean hand massage: it covers the history and philosophy, the actual techniques, dealing with contra-indications, and various conditions. Part Two teaches Mongolian massage. Once attain there is a coverage at the history and principles of Koyashai, and there is a look also at Ayurveda, Tengriism, and then training in the actual hands-on practice. More details on . To register, email Gaye Sturrock on or ring 020 8297 3100, or 07949 387 536.
Reiki Share on a Sunday Evening
8th April, 13th May (Sunday evenings) 6 – 9pm £6

These evenings, held under the auspices of the Aurora Reiki Practice, welcome practitioners of all lineages. Those attending receive and give three full hours of healing during the exchange Teas provided by Treadwell’s – a lovely and friendly group. For more info, and to say you are coming, ring Damian on 07733 367 451, or contact him via email on
Reiki Training: Aurora Reiki Centre
28th – 29th April: Levels 1 and 2
6th – 8th April: Level 3

The Aurora Reiki Centre holds its monthly classes under the auspices of Allison Brice. Levels I, II and III classes are all offered. Visit for more details and contact information. Reiki healing sessions are also offered, given at Treadwell’s.
Shakespeare Readers Society
Last Sunday of the month. From 7pm £2 for room hire

In association with Offstage Books , the Shakespeare Readers Society meets once a month to perform a reading of a Shakespeare play. The master of ceremonies each week is a Shakespeare scholar or theatre practitioner who assigns parts to willing readers. Come along and read (and please bring a copy of the play – Arden edition for preference), or just listen. Giggles and drinks follow. Further details at
Usui Reiki Training
3rd June (Sunday) – Level One 10am – 5pm £79

Paul wood teaches Usui Reiki, Japanese style, in a thorough and traditional style. Classes offer a supportive, friendly environment. Class size is deliberately kept small so as to ensure a high standard of teaching. To find out more, and to register, contact Paul Wood on

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