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“Freemasonry” and Ritual Work: The Misraim Service Texts and Documents from the Cognitive-Cultic Section of the Esoteric School 1905-1919

This volume includes some details about the connection between Steiner and Reuss. See Richard Kaczynski’s Blog for more details.
From the back of the book: “This astonishing volume of rich, primary materials contains letters, documents, ritual texts, meditations, and lectures pertaining to Steiner’s teaching of the Misraim Service. Ritual symbols (such as the mallet, the triangle, the right angle, the compass, the rule, the Rose Cross, and the pillars of Jachin and Boaz), as well as the Temple Legend of Hiram Abiff and Solomon and the story of Cain and Abel, all find their place here. The ritual texts are given in full, with illustrations and descriptions of the making of the ritual objects.”

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