The Aleister Crowley Society Members’ Forum

I am very pleased to announce the next phase in the development of LAShTAL.COM, correlating with the development of The Aleister Crowley Society as a discrete entity.

At this stage the visible progress centres around the introduction of an Aleister Crowley Society Members’ Forum. The threads in this Forum will be visible only to members of The Aleister Crowley Society.

Membership of The Aleister Crowley Society is, of course, free but will be a privilege granted to only a small number of members of the main site…

Read on for more information…
Membership of The Aleister Crowley Society results from application or invitation.

Invitation is at the discretion of the Chairman alone, subject to recommendation by other members. The Chairman is the webmaster of LAShTAL.COM.

Applications for membership will be considered by the Chairman alone.

Further details will be published shortly. Meanwhile, early applicants may contact the Chairman by email only – not by Private Message – with the following information:

User Name on LAShTAL.COM
Real Name – anonymous or pseudonymous applications will be rejected
Relevant experience, achievements and interests
Reasons for application

No reasons will be given for any rejection…

There are sufficient clues elsewhere on LAShTAL.COM as to what The Aleister Crowley Society seeks to achieve. The Society is devoted to the serious study of the life and works of Aleister Crowley. No commitment to Thelema is necessary. It is NOT an “occult” order or group.

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