Babalon Rising: 2007 Pre-Register Deadline

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Pre-register by April 15 and save 30% on admission!

This year’s guest speakers and performers include the authors Rodney Orpheus, Louis Martiniè, and Nema! We’re bringing back many of your favorite speakers from last year, along with exciting new names in occultism. With musical appearances by the bands Mayan Ruins and Sexkult this year’s Babalon Rising festival promises to be even more exciting than last year’s!
By pre-registering you will not only save on the cost of admission, you will also ensure that we can provide you with the best and most cutting-edge in Occult entertainment for the 2007 Babalon Rising Festival. Pre-register here!

Babalon Rising

Babalon Rising will have daily rituals, including Liber Resh vel Helios, The Gnostic Mass, and Saturday night’s famous (infamous?) Feast of the Beast. The festival site includes hot showers, skinny-dipping facilities, limited electricity, a performance stage, holy shrines, private fire pits, and an on-site hot food vendor. We encourage festival-goers to bring a tent, sunscreen, and personal snacks and beverages. Vending is FREE with a regular paid admission to the festival.

2007 Speakers & Presenters

2007 Musicians & Entertainers

* Rodney Orpheus
* Nema
* Louis Martiniè
* Owen Knight
* Marty Laubach
* Paul Ravenscraft
* Michael A. Manor
* Magdalene Morris
* Zac Walters
* Anita Kraft
* Will of the Whip Society
* Sexkult
* Mayan Ruins
* Gregory Morrison Group
* Mike Ingalls
* K.C. Wilkerson
* Stinkee Beetle Tribe
* FyreTrybe
* Okiya del Fuego
* Babalon Finishing School

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