David Tibet and Bill Breeze on Kenneth Anger

From Durtro.com

David Tibet and Bill Breeze at the Turin Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 23 & 24 April

David Tibet and his close friend will be attending the wonderful TGLFF which runs between the 19 and 26 April under the title of DA SODOMA A HOLLYWOOD—‘From Sodom to Hollywood’.
On 23 April, at 16.30, David will be introducing Cam Archer’s marvellous Wild Tigers I Have Known, which as you may recall featured a narration by David on the promotional short, and which also featured music by Current 93, Pantaleimon, Six Organs of Admittance, Emily Jane White, Djuna Bel, Nate Archer and many other fine artists. Also on the 23rd, at 20.15, David and Bill will be speaking briefly about the forthcoming Durtro compilation in honour of Kenneth Anger.

And, finally, on the 24 April at 11.30, Bill Breeze will be presenting a talk on Kenneth Anger, of whom he has been a long term friend and collaborator.

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