Dion Fortune in London

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Thanks to Treadwells

Priestess of the Mysteries

A Walk by The London Adventure society

Led by Christina Oakley Harrington

Saturday 12th May 2007, 3pm. FREE.

Our rendezvous with Dion Fortune commences at the entrance to Bayswater Underground Station. Look for a blonde lady of a certain age, holding a long black umbrella that signals Edwardian London, and join her on a tour of the London haunts of Dion Fortune (1890-1946), one of the most influential occultists and probably the most preeminent esoteric novelist of the 20th century.

Trained in Western kabbalistic occultism in a lodge of the Golden Dawn, Dion Fortune went on to found her own order, Servants of the Inner Light. She wrote novels which included Egyptian reincarna­tion, erotic rituals, Celtic mysticism, derring-do, psychic attacks, and instruction in the philosophy of Western occultism.

The walk will last 2-3 hours, concluding at a local public house.
Recommended reading:

Dion Fortune, The Goat-Foot God (1936); The Sea Priestess (1938); Moon Magic (1956)
Alan Richardson, The Magical Life of Dion Fortune: Priestess of the 20th Century (1991)
Gareth Knight, Dion Fortune and The Inner Light (2000)

Christina Oakley Harrington is a historian of religion and magical movements, and is published with Oxford University Press. She runs Treadwell’s Bookshop in Covent Garden (website: www.treadwells-london.com).

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