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Lion & Serpent, the Official Journal of Sekhet-Maat Lodge, O.T.O.
The latest issue of Lion & Serpent (the journal of Sekhet-Maat Lodge, O.T.O.) is now available for reading free at: on Vol. 12, No. 1.)

This issue is 40 pages and includes…

  • Tarotic Deconstruction phase 2: Hermit/Hanged Man by Frater Wandering Yeti
  • The First Page by Frater MPAA
  • Working with Archetypes and Deities: Possession and Equilibration (part 2 of 2) by Frater Harmateus
  • Bitter Hell Bats Engorged on Loving Snakes by Soror Aletheia Mnemonicas
  • Laborer est Orare: An ethos of self-sufficiency in the New Dark Age by Frater HydraLVX
  • Burning Heart by David Taylor
  • An Essay on the Creed of the E.G.C. by Frater Ka’Ari’K
  • Untitled Sketch by Aleister Crowley
  • Fall Equinox Reap Ritual: Wherein our Community Reaps what it Sows by Soror Aletheia Mnemonicas
  • TO UNLEASH A BEAST by Frater Zir
  • Tarotic Deconstruction phase 3: Death/Adjustment by Frater Wandering Yeti

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