The Red Goddess by Peter Grey

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Thanks to Peter Grey…

Scarlet Imprint announces the publication of:

The Red Goddess by Peter Grey on 07/07/07

A strictly limited talismanic publication in an edition of an hundred and fifty and six copies.

All copies are hardback slip cased and 156pp, professionally printed, bound, consecrated, numbered, signed and sealed.
The contents and conclusions of this book have never been published elsewhere.

The Red Goddess takes you through a tale of sex, drugs and violence. This is an ecstatic journey through the unheard history of BABALON from Revelations, back through the Ishtar Gate and forward into a living modern magickal current.

This is an explicit and challenging vision of a very modern goddess coming into power. This is more than a history, it is a passionate account of living magick and the transcendent power of Love.

The Red Goddess answers the fundamental questions:

Why should we care?
Where did She come from and where is She going?

Does Revelations have anything to tell us?
Is there a hidden western tradition of sacred sex?

The epic sweep of the text takes us from Babylon to Jerusalem to Rome, and onwards to Apocalypse. It looks at the angelic work of renaissance mage John Dee. It delivers a devastating exegisis on the excesses of Aleister Crowley, and unlocks the secrets of Waratah Blossoms. It explains the immolation of the Californian antichrist-superstar Jack Parsons and his relationship with Scientology founder L.Ron Hubbard.

There is also a full supporting cast of Solomon, Simon Magus, St John the Divine, Earl Bothwell, the Templars, Mary, the Magdalene and countless others.

This is the missing history of the Holy Whore.

Thirteen essays conclude the book on subjects including: roses, mirror magick, BDSM, aphrodisiac drugs, the information age, love vs lust, and the meaning of apocalypse.

Those working with Ishtar, Inanna, Lilith, Kali, Sekhmet, Bast, Freya, Pomba Gira, Erzulie, witchcraft, tibetan tantra, sacred sex and transgression will find much here to intrigue and inspire them.

The Red Goddess is suitable for anyone with blood in their veins, regardless of tradition, background or experience. It is a Love story.

Copies are available to pre-order, as is only fitting for a book about the Holy Whore.

To secure a copy, send your personal cheque payable to Peter Grey for £49 plus postage to:

Scarlet Imprint
No 156
91 Western Road

UK recorded delivery £3.54
Europe Airmail signed for £7.10
Rest of the World Airmail signed for £9.16

International orders can be made through bank transfer.
All correspondence and requests will be answered by the Editrix through:

This limited print run will sell out.
Please act quickly to secure your copy.

In Nomine Babalon

Scarlet Imprint x

Peter Grey is a devotee of BABALON and writer exploring the neglected western tradition of sex magick and sacred sexuality.
This book has taken seven years of research, ritual work and blood. There is always more to be poured into the cup.
His essays have been published by TOPY and in The Oracle magazine. He has spoken at Treadwells bookshop in London and orchestrated the infamous Crowley night with Occulture in Brighton.
His journal and a selection of articles can be found and read online here:

Scarlet Imprint is a small but exquisitely formed talismanic publishers.
Updates and information on forthcoming releases can be found online by friending us here:
The Editrix will respond swiftly and with elegant replies to your curious emails here:

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