The Probationer’s Handbook

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Thanks to Mortimer…

Written ten years ago and filed away on a shelf to gather dust, The Probationer’s Handbook was a project I had all intentions of getting published at the time, but never quite got around to.

Now with the arrival of innovative book publishing websites like, The Probationer’s Handbook is finally available to purchase in paperback.
Subtitled A Manual Of Instruction For The Student Of The A.’.A.’., the work is primarily a handbook for those wishing to commence solitary work on Aleister’s Crowley’s A.’.A.’. system of magical and spiritual attainment.

Receiving an outstanding review from the late occult writer Gerald Suster in the winter 1997/98 edition of London based esoteric journal Talking Stick, the book – whilst no longer reflecting my prefered approach to modern day occult practice – is still considered by myself to be an invaluable handbook for those interested in commencing the probationary tasks of the A.’.A.’. syllabus.

As Gerald Suster wrote: “Mortimer’s book is grounded in that of Crowley yet he goes beyond it and I think the Master Therion would applaud. He tackles issues obviously based on experience, which have never been satisfactorily tackled before. If you have the slightest sincere interest in Magick and human evolution, you really must get hold of this book. The author’s acid wit regarding New Age garbage adds spice to this excellent work. Do you really want to make Magick? If so, you must beg, borrow or steal a copy of this wonderful book.”

Available for a mere £7.77 ($14.10) at one hopes that individuals drawn towards Crowleyan occultism will find this 100-page manuscript helpful and informative despite being written a decade ago.

Personally, I’m just glad the damned thing is out so that I can finally move on to other projects without having the niggling knowledge that I spent so much time writing it to see my only copy wither away on a dusty bookshelf.

Order your copy today and feel free to write a review, post feedback or contact me with questions.

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