The Tregerthen Horror

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I note that Paul Newman’s fascinating The Tregerthen Horror is being offered now as a free download from

THE TREGERTHEN HORROR: Aleister Crowley, D. H. Lawrence & Peter Warlock in Cornwall

Involving murder, mayhem, espionage, sexual scandal and the Beast 666, this bizarre and tragic investigation into the death of Ka Cox at a lonely, haunted cottage in Zennor is one of the strangest stories to have ever come out of Cornwall. Involving a large and larger-than-life cast of characters, including the ‘handsomest young man in England’, Rupert Brooke, the climber George Mallory, the mad, babbling psychotherapist, Meredith Starr, and the rip-roaring composer, Peter Warlock, the narrative unwinds a tangled tale that enlists the embattled remnants of the Bloomsbury Group, the decadent acolytes of Fitzrovia, a young woman’s involvement with a notorious magician, occult orgies in the grounds of a great house climaxing in a flourish of grand guignol when Bob Fabian, ace sleuth of Scotland Yard, joins the ensemble as he seeks to find the perpetrator of the horrific ‘witchcraft murder’ of Lower Quinton.

It really is much better than this advertising blurb suggests!

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