In Memoriam David Hall

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My thanks to David Tibet

Dear all at,

I am sad to announce the passing on of David Hall.

Many of you may know of the wonderful SOTHIS magazine, which he produced along with Mike Magee and Jan Bailey, and some of you may know of the many books and articles he wrote, sometimes under a pseudonym, on Islamic topics as well as other areas.
I last saw him in London on March 3 when he attended a Nurse With Wound show I was appearing at. He was very happy and very well, and as fascinating, stimulating and mischievous in his company as he ever was.

David passed away, after a short illness, at a care home in Hertfordshire at around 2am in the morning of Friday, August 24.

He will be sorely missed. He was a wonderful individual and we loved him dearly.

We intend that a more detailed obituary will appear soon.

Love and peace to you all,

David Tibet+++

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