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Some recent changes to the site appear to have caused a measure of confusion and irritation so I think it’s a good idea that I should summarise the changes, outlining the reasons behind them, and why I believe that LAShTAL.COM will be improved as a result.

This information will be of little interest to new visitors, so Read More if you’re an established member wondering why things are changing…
Austin Osman Spare Gallery: Since its inception, Fulgur Press have declined to permit the reproduction of items from its publications on this site. I mention this as a statement of fact and I am not in any way critical of the decision. I have been perfectly happy with the situation and have referred to it on the main Gallery page since the instruction was received. A prominent private collector – who it would be inappropriate to name but who I am happy to declare was not Tony Naylor, Robert Ansell or Gavin Semple – asked the other day that I remove the eighteen or so photographs that he had uploaded, as did another collector. The resulting lack of images caused me to close the Gallery.

Members Creations Gallery: I have locked this Gallery, although works already submitted will continue to be visible. Part of the software upgrade for LAShTAL.COM will be a far more flexible User Gallery – effectively any member will be able to have his or her own Gallery and will not have to rely on the moderators to “approve” works.

Thanatos Community Forum: My closure of the Forum – albeit briefly – was an error of judgment and I have since re-opened it.

Typhonian Forum: I have closed the Typhonian Forum – its existence did little or nothing to promote the non-partisan approach of the site. By rights, the existence of a Typhonian Forum should have been matched by a Caliphate OTO Forum, an AA Forum (or several) and so on. I continue to welcome contributions to the Forums from a Typhonian perspective and those contributions are just as likely to be held in one of the existing Forums (Literature, News Reports and so on). I do not expect any reduction on LAShTAL.COM of matters of Typhonian interest: this site remains the primary online source of information relating to the writings and influence of Kenneth Grant. Which is exactly as it should be.

Shout Box: This rather clumsy piece of software has been removed and will be replaced by a far more useful Shout Box with the impending site upgrade.

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