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Deep Leaf Audio have released the second volume of their MP3 audio edition of the Illuminatus! trilogy by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson.

Illuminatus! Part II
is performed in all its unabridged brilliance by a full ensemble cast. Packaged in a carnival bundle of timeless truths and Joycean high camp, The Golden Apple serves as a perennial instruction manual for life on Earth in which you’ll be lucky enough to learn: the Guerrilla Ontology of Markoff Chaney; the secret history of Atlantis; the conspiracy against sex; the origins of the Trojan War (starring Eris, the namesake of our solar system’s newest planet); why gorillas and dolphins don’t ordinarily talk to us; the startling truth about UFOs; and the final secret of the Illuminati. Consider yourself warned.

It’s available for download at what seems to me to be a very reasonable $24.95:

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