Opening Night: Danse Macabre Art Exhibition 30/10/07

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Thanks to Serapis

Danse Macabre Exhibition, 30th October 2007 private view (7pm – 9pm):

‘View from the Top Gallery’, Waterstones Bookshop Bridlesmith Gate Nottingham NG1 2GR

After Show Party:

Pit & Pendulum pub in the downstairs bar…til late!

An exhibition that brings together artists from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines whose work explores the darker aspects of the subconscious mind. Ephemeral and faded beauty sits side by side with dark and brooding imagery, a haunting otherworld…

On the opening night the Events Room features performances by grotesque performance artist Rachel Parry, with entertainment by Gothic Burlesque performer Vicky Butterrfly, and a selection of items relating to the Hell Fire Club and its symbolism.

The exhibition runs from 30th October to the 5th November.

“The Thelemic relevance is of an ‘occulture’ nature, many of the artists and organisers have an association with Thelemic culture and ideals and this is reflected in their works (Paul Bowring and Matt Vickerstaff particularly, Christine Pedros’ work looks at the ‘domina berachta’, a type of European Kali witch deity, whilst Andy Coles work reflects Lovecraftean and Fortean themes) in all about 15 artists are exhibiting. Alongside this work there is, in the events room for the opening night only, a showing of the ‘Trionfi’ diagram, a floorcloth like a masonic tracing board used by the the Hell Fire Club to elucidate their symbolism and the ideas of their founders.”

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