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Sutin’s biography of Crowley mentions Viereck: “In January 1915 Crowley had his first meetings with George Sylvester Viereck, a writer and editor who would play a pivotal role in Crowley’s life during these war years. Viereck is remembered as the most influential propagandist for the German cause in America during both World War One and World War Two….[he] founded two influential journals-The International in 1912 and The Fatherland in 1914…With the war underway Viereck and The Fatherland had a twofold political propaganda agenda: to argue the German cause in pro-British America, and to keep neutral America out of the war that Britain wished her to enter.”

Yesterday, the Guardian newspaper (UK, 17 September 2007) included a free booklet, nicely printed on good quality paper: Great Interviews Of The 20th Century. This booklet, number 10 in a series of 14, and with a Foreword by Ian Kershaw, consists of an interview of Adolf Hitler by George Sylvester Viereck from 1932.

It’s an interesting document, well worth reading…
My thanks to TauMelchizedek for pointing this out to me and giving me sufficient warning to retrieve my copy from the rubbish bin: let’s hope that this announcement will achieve the same effect for other members!

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