Esoteric Gnosis Lectures, Serbia

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Tau Melchizedek, Sovereign Grand Master of the Ordo Templi Orientis Antiqua and Societe La Couleuvre Noir, and a Patriarch of the Ecclesia Gnostica Aeterna, will hold a two day seminar on the complex matters of Esoteric and Voudon Gnosis in Belgrade, Serbia.

The lectures will be held on the 26th and 27th of October of this year 2007.

David Beth (Tau Melchizedek) is an Apostolic Gnostic Bishop and the Patriarch of the Ecclesia Gnostica Aeterna. He is also the Sovereign Grand Master of the O.T.O.A. and L.C.N. and instrumental in shaping the current development of the voudon gnostic system. A close friend and confidant of Michael Bertiaux, David is also a university-educated historian born and raised in Africa, and has lived in Europe and the USA. He now works mainly as a writer and lecturer and currently resides in London, UK.

Apart from the talks there will be plenty of time for questions and answers as well as social time to meet the speaker and to have private discussions and exchange.
Seminar on Gnosis:

This seminar/talk will introduce and explain the system of Gnostic attainment as taught and practiced in the Ecclesia Gnostica Aeterna, an Apostolic Gnostic and Philosophical Community of men and women united in their path towards individual liberty and realization. Apart from explaining the organizational structure of the EGA, today’s topics include:

1. Gnostic awakening,
2. Tyranny of the Spirit and the Aristocracy of the Soul,
3. Kosmic Christ and the Apostolic Succession,
4. Gnostic practices,
5. Divine Ecstasy and Eros Kosmogonos,
6. Ecclesia Gnostica Spiritualis.

For initial information please visit:

Seminar on Esoteric Voudon:

This seminar will offer an overview of and insights into Bertiaux’s Voudon Gnosis or Esoteric Voudon , a syncretic gnostic sorcery grounded in Haitian voudon and shaped by various occult systems from Crowley to witchcraft to esoteric freemasonry. Tonight s topics include:

1. Nganga, master of the fetish
2. Sexual Magic
3. Lycantrophy
4. Esoteric Time Travel
5. Occult Art and the Elemental Vision
6. The Points Chaud
7. Rites of Initiation.

For initial information please visit:

Now, the fee for this two-days seminar is 20,00 euros, and includes the seminar, Q&A, snacks and drinks and two days lodging for eventual attendees from abroad.

I, as the organiser, would like to invite people from Europe to attend to this great and interesting lectures (you who already have attended Tau M’s lectures know what I’m talking about) and come and visit the beautiful town of Belgrade.

For additional info of every kind please feel free to contact me by email:, or phone me at +381 64 3504 366, or simply ask here on the LAShTAL.COM forums.

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