Crowley Article In UK National Newspaper

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Today’s Daily Mail – a multi-million selling national UK newspaper – includes a lengthy article on witches, Crowley, the Church Of Satan, etc. The article – Witches … The Naked Truth: Modern Followers Of The Occult Claim Their Controversial Beliefs Go Back Centuries But A New Book Reveals Many Of Their Rites Were Invented 50 Years Ago By A Sex-Obsessed Con-Man Fixated With Nudism – extends over three-and-a-half full tabloid pages…

The article is by Nevill Drury and comprises a lengthy extract from his new book, Magic And Witchcraft: From Shamanism To The Technopagans.

It features large illustrations of a nearly-nude lady witch (of course), Gerald Gardner, Jayne Mansfield and Anton LaVey. It includes a significant amount of detail on Crowley – unfortunately, it focuses on the alleged Hirsig-goat incident at Cefalu and repeats the usual erroneous version of Loveday’s death…

Surprising to see such a large article in a national newspaper this far from Halloween…

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