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Some remarkable items in the latest list from Caduceus Books, rather making me wish that I’d collected Cultus Sabbatai books!

Read on for the list, reproduced here in its entirety.
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1) A New Book Concerning Modern British Occultism

Dave Evans, The History of British Magick After Crowley, Kenneth Grant, Amado Crowley, Chaos Magic, Satanism, Lovecraft, The Left Hand Path, Blasphemy and Magical Morality, Hidden Publishing 2007. Paperback 435pp. This work is does not set out to be a comprehensive study of post-war British occultism choosing to concentrate on those currents that derive or directly relate to the work of Aleister Crowley. Based upon a doctorate study supervised by Professor Ronald Hutton (the respected academic scholar of modern paganism) this book explores previously uncharted territory as far academic research is concerned. However the writer explicitly identifies himself as “both an academic and a magician”. Accordingly he was trusted by people and the acknowledgements reads as like a whose who of the scenes in question including such as Rob Ansell, John Balance, Pete Carroll, Andrew Chumbley, Kenneth Grant, Jaq Hawkins, Phil Hine, Dave Lee, Lionel Snell and many others. Whilst sympathetic to the currents he is not uncritical. Evans is tenacious in his investigation of Amado Crowley and ferocious in his dismissal of the claims to beastly paternity. Future academics exploring this territory will have to take account of this pioneering work. Non-academics with interest and involvement in the field will find it empathic description very informative. Except. Perhaps, for Amado. It is doubtful that the occultists (except, perhaps, Amado) who assisted Dr. Evans will feel in any way betrayed. Order No. EVANS1 £14.99

2) A New Book Concerning the Roots of the Golden Dawn

The Ancient Texts of the Golden Rosicrucians, Vol. I, Golden Dawn Research Turst, Numbered limited Edition of 250 192pp Hardback. Edited by Darcy Kuntz and each copy is numbered, signed and sigilised by him. It presents two texts informative about the German Rosicrucianism currents which informed the foundation of the Golden Dawn. One is the first ever publication translation into English of the Rosicrucian Exposed by Magister Pianco (Hans Heinrich von Ecker und Eckhoffen). This was originally issued in in Amsterdam in 1782. The writer was an initiated member of the Golden Rosicrucians, a fraternity founded in 1757 which spread throughout Germany becoming associated with freemasonry until it operated as a higher degree structure for the Craft. In 1780 Magister Pianco left the Godlen Rosicrucians to found a rival organisation called Die Ritter des Lichts of Knights of Light, later known as the Asiatic Bretheren. A year later he published this expose and attack on his previous Order and its head Phoebron (Dr. Bernhard Jospeh Schleiss von Lowenfeld). Obviously has has an axe to grind and a considerable agenda, never-the-less he gives considerable information about the beliefs and practices of the Order. The second text presented is Themis Aurea, the Laws of the Fraternity of the Rosie Cross by Michael Maier. This was first published in 1618. It was heavily borrowed from in 1710 and 1714 when Samuel Richter published the perfect and True Preparation of the Philosopher’s Stone according to the Secret of the Golden Rosicrucians. This book was influential upon the revival of Rosicruciansim and alchemy in 18th century Germany giving the Golden Rosicrucians their name and they, in turn, inspired the name of the Golden Dawn. New book, Mint in Mint DW £35

3) Some Scarce Cultus Sabbatai items

Daniel Alvin Schulke, Ars Philtron, Concerning the Aqueous Cunning Of the Potion And Its Praxis in the Green Arte Magical, Xoanon 2001The standard edition of this very scarce work was of only 144 cloth bound numbered copies. Each copy was different as each one had one of 24 coloured plates together with one of six invocations to Cain or Lillith. However this copy is one of eight which was bound in full green leather and has all 24 of the striking coloured plates which ennunciate sabbatic-alchemical principles. Therefore it can be considered one of the very few that is complete. It is difficult to imagine when another one of these eight copies wwould be available for purchase. The endpapers maintain the verdent theme by having fragments of plants misxed in the pulp creating a suitable textured paper. The book itself is printed on a luxurious textured paper. 10ins x 7.5ins 144 pages ( a significant number in the manifestation of this edition). The text represents marriage of herbalism and alchemy to the Cultus Sabbatai tradition. Fine Order No. 300563 £2000

Daniel Alvin Schulke, Viridarium Umbris, Pleasure Garden of Shadow which Treats of the Secret Knowledge of Trees and Herbs Deliver’d by the Fallen Angels unto Man, Xoanon 2005 Numbered limited edition of 576, (xviii) + 518pp Illustrated. The author is the Magister and Verdelet of the Cultus Sabbatai, the witchcraft order previously headed by Andrew Chumbley. This is a beautiful book. Handbound in green in sage green cloth which shimmers as the leaves of the herb sage do, perhaps chosen for the reference to wisdom in the name. Copper blocked on the spine and front board with elegant symbolic decoration designed by the author whose striking illustrations appear throughout the book. Most of these illustration depict the genius of particular plants which command their healing powers. The nature of this herbalism is deeply magical and occult. The author displays impressive knowledge of herbal lore and magical practice using plants. This work is an major component of the corpus of books born of the Cultus Sabbatai, perhaps one of the most interesting magical witchraft currents operating at the present time. Mint Order No. 110902 £275

Andrew Chumbley, One, The Grimoire of the Golden Toad, Xoanon 2000 No. 75 of a Ltd. Ed of 77 64pp Full faux leather binding blocked in silver with a circle surrounding a point. The scarcest published Cultus Sabbatai book. It gives the ancient ritual involving the crucifixion of a toad that has been associated with the Society of the Horseman’s Word as it operated in East Anglia. There “toadsmen” were noted for their magical powers yet it was an enigmatic role considered to be fraught with danger. A homely yet handsome and talismanic production. This copy is complete, as issued by the publisher with all accompanying items. Loosely enclosed is an envelope inscribed “Sabstrachion” by the author and sigilised. Therein is a printed card, folded once which has been signed by the author and sigilised twice. This encloses a single black sheet of light card heavily sigilised, signed and inscribed by the author using metallic inks. There is also a small envelope inscribed “Blackthorn + Toadskin” by the author with decorative scrolls and a sigil. This contains a blackthorn spike and a talisman formed with green ink and metallic paints upon a triangular piece of toadskin. Boards slightly bowed as is usual with this title, otherwise Fine Order No. 300062 £2000

Andrew Chumbley, Azoetia, Xoanon 2004 (Sethos) 366pp. Illustrated. This is number 2 of 11 copies of the X series having variant endpapers bing a black snakeskin effect and variant gilt blocking on the front cover (being an entirely different design from the standard) all encased in a very sturdy clothbound slipcase All Fine, complete as published Order No. 440002 £600

4) A Selection of Uncommon Crowley Related items

Frater Achad, Unus in Omnibus. Fra. A.’.A.’. Achad 1 = 10 Parzival IXth hon. X OTO, Typescript 3 pages each headed with OTO Lamen. The paper size is legal (14ins x 8.5ins) which is much larger than usual sizes so the text, at about 210 lines is far longer than would be expected on three sheets. It appears to be a carbon copy, perhaps generated using a somewhat smaller sheet of carbon paper (foolscap?) as the last line or so has not come though. However there are penned annotations in what would most certainly appear to be Achad’s hand which add the missing text. The text is a summation by Achad of significant occult events in his life leading up to his realization of the A.’.A.’. degree of Master of the Temple on 17th July 1906, the date of this document, having taken the Oath of the Abyss the previous month. The is reference to the O.T.O., giving initiations, gradual realization of the nature of the IXth degree, a good deal concerning the implications of magical work upon his relationships, references to inner plane insights and of course communications with Crowley. Many contemporary records have snippets of significant information amongst considerable information no longer relevant. As this is a summary of magical progress it is dense with significant detail. We await a substantial biography of Achad and this would have to be an important source document for anyone researching for that work. Hitherto the most complete description can be found in Martin Starr’s Unknown God, Teitan 2003. It is clear that he did not have access to this document, discussing the day that Achad took the Oath of the Abyss in front of fellow OTO members he states on page “Although Smith included the momentous events of the day in his diary, he felt Jones was the proper one to record them. Without Smith’s record we would know little of what occurred. The entry of June 20, 1916, in Jones diary reads in toto “11.34pm Proclamation of M.T.” This document has 125 words for that day, describing what happened immediately after the proclamation. The next day Starr reports that Achad’s diary states “10pm Died + Retd. Abyss Passed”. This document describes the same event with 37 words describing how it was induced and his experience of it. One presumes that Smith sent the top copy to Crowley to demonstrate his attainment however if so it was lost, together with a diary of sex magick workings which he also sent to the Old Man that has not survived. Ruby Jones, Achad’s wife had a large collection of his papers, now in a private collection. Martin Starr has access to copies of these so it would appear that no version survives there. One can imagine this document may have references (for example, apparently, to a secret affair) which he may not have wanted his wife to see. Anyway it does appear that this typescript, which was passed by Achad to his successor as head of the Universal Brotherhood may well be the only one extant. The edges of all three pages are very chipped and worn and dog eared with numerous tears. Text and lamen unaffected. Order No. ACHAD1 £2000

Soror Bazedon & Frater Arcteon, Frater Achad, Record of an Astral Journey April 12th 1918 E.V. 5-6pm New York. Typescript, 1pp Approx. 350 words, handwritten I Ching figure plus a further 44 words holograph in what appears to be Achad’s handwriting this records a comment on the vision by Crowley. They were both in New York at that time. It is a joint astral projection and one wonders how this was achieved. Together the explore an astral realm relating to a hexagram chosen in an imaginatively random manner. They travel through a symbolic landscape and encounter a being who tells them her name and they also obtain a word. Crowley analysis the qabalistic nature of the vision which he refers to as a test. Delightful record of an actual early Thelemic magical working. Order No. ACHAD2 £300

Ethel Archer, Typescripts and Manuscripts, Ethel Archer was married to Eugene. Wieland under whose name Crowley published the Equinox, the Book of Lies and other titles. Both became disillusioned with the Guru (as Crowley was then known to his disciples). Eugene died in the Trenches but years later Ethel went on to re-establish friendly contact with Crowley and published a novel called the Hieroglyph describing Crowley, Neuburg etc. In the story the Crowley character realizes the error of his ways and finds peace as a Catholic priest which mirrored Archer’s own spiritual pilgrimage. In later years here poems were published by fellow Crowley survivor, Victor Neuburg. The items collected here consist of a number of poems:-
1) At Seventeen, Typescript 2pp. Some handwritten corrections. I typed note suggest the piece was written in 1900, in the top right corner a post 1921 address is written in pen.
2) Circe, Manuscript 1pp. A poem describing a wanton Circe with a snake lurking within her inner being. Paper rubbed and chipped, reverse quite grubby
3) Circe, Typescript 1pp Her married name and address handwritten in corner in pen type that suggest it was written c1950 or later. The word copyright appears suggesting it may have been intended to send for publication
4) Circe, Typescript (carbon copy of item above) 1pp Her married name and address handwritten in corner.
5) Easter, manuscript 2pp poem describing a beautiful fairy child with whom the creatures of the forest dance but he is also described as a son of man who is, for the creatures of the forest their Pan. Appears to be a biro pen which would date it c1950 onwards.
6) The Fairy Fiddler, Typescript 1pp A number of large inkspots, reverse somewhat grubby
7) The Fairy Fiddler, Typescript 1pp
8) The Fairy Fiddler, Typescript 1pp name and address of author handwritten in top right corner
9) The Grandfather, Manuscript 2pp dated 1900, signed Glimpses from the past at Christmas time
10) In Limine, Typescript. Dated 1911 which may be the dated of composition rather than date of item. Address handwritten top right corner, the pen types suggest 1950 or later. Refers to the Crucifixion
11) Legend, Typescript 2pp. Address and note indicating that it was written 4th Nov. 1923 are handwritten. The theme is death
12) Legend, Typescript 2pp. Has handwritten inscriptions giving name and address of author, date and a note stating the poem was suggested by the music of Rachmaninoff
13) Love, Typescript 3pp Signed by Archer. Light poem concerning Cupid
14) Love, Typescript 3pp (another copy)
15) The Magnum Opus, Typescript 1pp Prose, appears to be a fragment
16) Metempsychosis, Typescript (carbon copy) 2pp. Translated from the French, a handwritten note indicates Ethel Archer made the translation when ten years old! Address handwritten in one corner.
17) Paganini, Manuscript 1pp signed by Archer. The virtuoso violinist died before Archer was born and no recordings survive so he was only known by reputation that included contemporary suggestions that he sold his soul to the 18) Devil to gain his ability. The poem describes a mystical state of ecstasy. Pen type suggest it was written down c.1950 onwards
19) Paganini, Typescript, paper very worn and stained
20) A Patre Unigenitus, Typescript 1pp with one handwritten correction. Paper very chipped, rubbed and creased around edges
21) Prologue, A Dream, Manuscript 2pp Dated 1909 but judging from the address stamped at top of one page. written sometime after 1919. A short prose piece dealing with the nature of incarnation (some rust stains)
22) Sleep, Typescript 1pp Rural idyll pierced by a thorn
23) Sleep, Typescript 1pp Signed by author
24) To the Moon Spirit, Hymn to Luna, Typescript 3pp. Two poems. A separate note in the authors hand indicates that she composed these poems in her childhood
26) Vesper, Manuscript 1pp. Signed by Archer Describes a rural idyllic peace
27) Wisdom of Folly. Typescript 1pp A fairylike Folly stares into pool wherein lurks menace
28) Untitled, Manuscript. 1pp brief notes indicating some of the poems were considered by Archer to be suitable for children of different stated ages and that two were writen by her when a child
Altogether 28 items Order No. ARCHER1 £225

Victor Neuburg Association, Eliphas Levi, Transcendental Magic, Redway 1896, xxiv + 406pp + (2pp) adverts. This copy has bold signed, dated (24/9/12) inscription by Victor Neuburg to Olivia Haddon giving both her civilian name and her A.’.A.’. motto Nihil Obstat. We learn from the research of Keith Richmond of Weiser Antiquarian books that Haddon was Neuburg’s pupil in the A.’.A.’. and the date of the inscription as the day of her induction into the Order. Crowley refers to her in Book of Lies implying she had anarchist connections. It should be noted that some years earlier the famous anarchist Guy Aldred had published Fuller’s Star in the West commending Crowleyanity under his Bakunin Press imprint, commending Crowleyanity to his comrades. Neuburg went on to edit the premier British anarchist journal. Crowley was consistently dismissive of these radical political currents. In the appendices to Magick in Theory and Practice Crowley lists this work amongst those to be studied by students of the A.’.A.’., Aside from association what makes this copy special is that it has many penciled annotations by Neuburg. About 85pp carry penciled annotations, most underling but also including significant comments, many accompanied by the simple sigil that Neuburg used in association with his name. Six pages of the biographical preface carried substantial penciled annotations by Neuburg that have been erased. However traces remain and experiments indicate that if high quality scans are made and the files manipulated using Paintshop or Adobe Photoshop to maximize contrasts and so forth the text can be recovered. Loosely enclosed is a single sheet of typescript carry quotes from T. Pascal, Reincarnation which was published by the Theosophical Society in 1910 together with a single sentence comment attributed to “Therion”. Altogether an important artifact to A.’.A.’. tutelage in Crowley’s day. A second owner has a inscribed a poem on the reverse of the title page (dated 1944). There is a relevant ownership inscription but this has been obliterated with ink. However scanning and manipulation of the scan can reveal this to be Arthur Shore, about whom nothing is known. There is wear to the top and tail of spine with some loss of cloth at the tail. The spine is darkened and there is wear to the corners. The binding is a little loose with one page detached but present. The endpapers are browned and there is slight foxing to the preliminaries and last few pages. Order No. £250

Aleister Crowley & Mary d’Este Sturges, Book 4, Part II, Wieland nd (1913?) 1st Ed (2nd impression, as indicated by the publisher’s address) Small format, card covers 5ins x 5ins vii + 186pp. Errata slip facing title page. The square format and the price of 4 tanners reflects the four square nature of Crowley’s magnum opus. This copy belonged to Albert A. Handel who was an A.’.A.’. Student of Frater Achad and. Together with Achad, gave folklorist and artist Harry Smith instruction into occultism. The present head of Caliphate O.T.O. claimed A.’.A.’. lineage from Harry Smith. Ther are about 250 words of annotations in Handel’s hand, plus occasional underlining. Also a reproduction of a photograph of Mary d’Esti Sturges has been tipped in to front pastedown. A printed caption identifies the subject of the photograph and E.O.Hoppe as the photgrapher, the photograph is signed by Hoppe (the foremost society photographer of the day). Cloth of spine splitting along junction with paper covered board, cup ring on back board, binding eased. Good condition only Order No. 360024 £250

Aleister Crowley, Typescript of “An Essay on Food”, 6pp typescript (Carbon copy with one sentence typed directly to the paper) with a few annotations most probably in Crowley’s hand. The paper is very thin typing paper, the lines are quite closely spaced so there is a good deal of text. The subject matter is the preservation of food according to the principles of the O.T.O. and is written for members. Has entertaining information concerning Crowley’s culinary habits too. The provenance of this item is that it was amongst items belonging to Edward Bryant that were auctioned about ten years ago in London. Bryant was introduced to Crowley by Frieda Harris in 1943 and saw Crowley a fair amount. Crowley, who had a tendency to harbour secret enmity, referred to him as “an acquired taste”, a bore, “His experience and imagination are bounded by Blackpool”, a vampire and (together with Frieda Harris) a hopelessly pathological moral coward. However, Bryant, was the recipient of important instruction of which this typescript is an example. Another copy of the text was sent to Soror Regina Kahl in California and this was published in Amrita published by Thelema publications in 1990.This VG Order No. 5543 £400

Theodore Reuss & Aleister Crowley, O.T.O. Rituals & Sex Magick, IHO 1999 Paperback 500pp Illustrated Introduction by Peter Koenig, Compiled by Anthony Naylor. This copy has been signed by Peter Koenig, Tony Naylor and John Symonds, the latter on the dedication page. Gives Crowley’s initiation rituals and the instructional texts, including the scarce & explicit Emblems & their Modes of Use, signs and words of IXth degree, regalia of Xth degree etc. and some pre-Thelemic versions of O.T.O. Rituals. Also constitutional missives, allegorical texts & other material. VG clean copy Order No. 540001 £225

Anon (relating to Aleister Crowley), Magick Without Tears, Prospectus, Thelema nd (1954) Single sheet printed on one side, probably written by Karl Germer Folded once, edges a little thumbed F- Order No. 8253 £25

Aleister Crowley, Liber CXCIV, An Intimation with Reference to the Constitution of the Order, OTO c.1978 Small format 8pp xeroxed leaflet. An important publication in defining nature of Caliphate OTO. Last page “Concerning the preent policy of the O.T.O. toward these Intimations”. Marks to 2pp but VG clean copy Order No. 110483 £15

Aleister Crowley, Liber Oz, OTO Winter Equinox 1941 1st Ed Printed sheet folded once to give 4pp leaflet approx. 7ins x 5ins. First page has OTO lamen and text stated it to be “Published by the O.T.O. from the Sanctuary of Gnosis which is in the Valley of Los Angeles” and gives the Winona Boulevard address, date etc. Next page has monschrome reproduction of the Devil card from the Thoth tarot and then the text of Liber Oz with Sigil of the Beast forming the ‘O’ of Oz. Last page blank. A striking item of ephemera, far rarer than the postcards Fine Order No. 110489 £135

Various, Inside the Pleasure Dome, The Magickal Worlds of Kenneth Anger, Film & Video Umbrella 1989 Large sheet (23ins x 17ins) folded twice being a brochure for a BFI showing of theAnger films. Notes my Michale O’Pray illustrated with amny stills from Anger films making an attractive decorated statement about Anger VG Order No. 99154 £10

Various (E. Jack Hunter), Moonchild, The Films of Kenneth Anger, Creation Books 2002 Paperback 128pp Many plates Mikita Brottman – Introduction / Force and Fire; Carel Rowe – Myth and Symbolism / Blue Velvet; Anna Powell – the Occult / A Torch for Lucifer; Filmography; Bibliography; Chronology F Order No. 80030 £12

Evangeline Adams (relating to Aleister Crowley), Astrology, Your Place in the Sun, Harrap 1928 1st Ed xiii + 343pp Popular astrology title ghost written by Aleister Crowley. Adams had a unique relationship with Crowley – she ripped him off! G+ Order No. 300526 £25

Gareth Hewitson-May, Dark Doorway of the Beast, New World 1992 Forward by Kenneth Grant (he describes the work as akin to a glass of ice cold lager on a hot summers day) Now scarce Typhonian work which gives a systematic analysis of the nature of the Current. A few Illus 224pp + appendices, index etc Leatherlike binding. The OTO lamen gilt stamped on the spine confirms that is part of the Typhonian corpus. It is one of the most difficult items to obtain. Ownership inscription otherwise Fine in Fine DW Order No. 10264 £200

Aleister Crowley, Giant’s Thumb, First Impressions 1992 Paperback xxi + 314pp + (11pp) ads Facsimile reprint of proof copy in the Warburg reproducing Crowley’s annotations.. The book itself was not published until this, the first edition. Crowley’s annotations suggest that it was stolen from him by Mudd and requests its return! The original was to have been dedicated to Reus, and some of the poems directly relate to OTO & other occult themes. Fine Order No. 3148 £55

Aleister Crowley, Liber TzBa, Vel NIKH, Sub Figura 28, The Fountain of Hyacinth, Iemanja Press 1992 No Ltd Ed of 500 1st Ed. Ed AC’s Diary, Ed & notes by Steve Wilson, for a week in 1922 covering a failed attempt to break his heroin addiction Paperback 70pp Signed insription by Steve Wilson VG Order No. 10113 £30

Aleister Crowley, Liber XXI, Khing Kang King, The Classic of Purity, Thelema 1974 Small format, 10 leaves mostly printed on one side in blue ink. Frontispiece illustration by Crowley. Printed on quality paper, a very elegant production. This copy is in perfect condition, the frontispiece portrait being protected by loosely enclosed tissue paper Mint Order No. 340004 £35

Various, Materials Pertaining To The Study of Tex, The Thirtieth Aethyr Iin the Enochian System of John Dee & Edward Kelly as Related by Aliester Crowley in the Vision and the Voice, Makhashanah not dated (c1995) Card covers 11ins x 8ins 16pp. Presents the original text, Crowley’s comments, the texts that Crowley refers to plus. There is also considerbale comment resulting from the endeavours of a group of magicians based in Oakland, California. They are careful not to present their work as authoritative, carefully stating that it may be useful to others oursuing there own research to see how others these texts. A rare item VG Order No. 97062 £20

Various, Aleister Crowley, (Ed. Phyllis Seckler), In The Continuum, Vol.I Nos 1 – 10, College of Thelema 1973 – 1977 Large format, card covers. Altogether 432pp, illustrated. The Editor was a member of Agape Lodge in Crowley’s day and received AA instruction from Jane Wolfe. She contributes substantial article to each number, plus artwork. Also Much of the remainder is made up of reprints of Crowley. There is variation in the colour of the card, perhaps indicating that some copies are reprints issed at a later date by the publisher F Order No. 110830 £75

Aleister Crowley, Book of the Law, Xeno 1970 2nd Edition by this publisher. Card covers 44pp Reproduces Introduction to 1938 Ed. Plus many of Crowley’s commenta. Some marks to cover. Jerry Kay was artist director of the film Easy Rider and was briefly involved with the Solar Lodge of the O.T.O. The illustrated cover is executed with a sure hand reflecting counterculture aesthetics of the period. Fine Order No. 55036 £45

David Allen Hulse, Genesis of the Book of the Law, Part Three: The Coming of the Magical Child 1915 – 1962, Holmes 2002 Card covers 60pp. Chronology of the Thelemic current commencing with the emergence of Frater Achad as the Magical Child who would discover the Key of Liber Al to the death of Karl Germer. Scarce Fine Order No. 400125 £25

David Allen Hulse, The Genesis of the Book of the Law, Part Two: The Birth of the A,’,A,’, and the Legacy of the O.T.O. 1905 – 1914, Holmes 2003 2nd Revised Ed. Intelligent an dinsightful, gives a very different account of the foundation of the O.T.O. and related themes to that recounted by Crowley and repeated elsewhere. Very scarce Fine Order No. 299703 £40

Aleister Crowley & 777, The Book of Perfection, Sub Figura Liber 440, 93 Publishing April 10 1977 1st No Ltd Ed of 718 this being copy No. 433. Paperback Assuming the title 777 the author, Llee Heflin, invoked & he asserts received from beyond the Abyss two texts; the Book of Codes & The Book of Oz, revealed comment about the Book of the Law, published here with Liber Al. Coloured Plates of the Stele of Revealing, rubicated text, printed on nice paper. Artifact from a period when U.S. Thelemic endevour overlapped with countercultural currents. Wear to the covers Good Order No. 20057 £48

Aleister Crowley, Illustrated Goetia, Lon Milo Duquette & Christopher Hyatt Illus David Wilson, New Falcon 1992 Paperback 222pp This copy has signed inscription by Chris Hyatt to Steve Savedow, author of Magician’s Workbook, Goetic Invocation and translator of Sepher Rezial Hemelach F Order No. 2296 £15

Marcelo Ramos Motta (Frater Parzival XI), Astral Attack & Defence, A.’.A.’. 2006 ev Paperback 234pp. Chapters include:- Symptoms of Psychic Attack; Use of the Astral Body in Psychic Attacks; Vampirism; Non-human Inhabitants of the Psychic Plane; Black Magic and Witchcraft in Magical Attacks; Politics and the Occult; Sex and the Occult. Of particular interest is authors accounts of his harrassment by the state in USA and Brazil. More measured than some of authors writings Fine Order No. 299692 £20

Jack Parsons, Liber 49, Hymenaeus Alpha X Not dated (1970s) 5 duplicated sheets in coloured paper covers stapled together. Homely production values but not inelegant with graceful illustration on back cover and each page carrying compass vignette with reference to gemetria of Grady McMurty’s magical name. A scarce item some creasing, overall VG- Order No. 300474 £25

John Symonds, Medusa’s Head, Or Conversations between Aleister Crowley & Adolf Hitler, Mandrake 1991 1st (& only) No. Ltd. Ed of 350 216pp.(No. 106) It should be remembered that Symonds knew Crowley towards the end of the War so would have direct knowledge concerning the Old Mans attitudes. This work of fiction will be based upon that. Loosely enclosed is a brief typed letter signed to the author from Right Honourable Lord Brocket responding to John Symonds enquiry concerning an ancestors meeting with Hitler Fine in DW that has three quarter inch tear otherwise VG. Order No. 350034 £65

Various, The Equinox Vol. VII No.1, Ed. Ray Eales & Vance Bordland, Silver Star 1992 259pp A.’.A.’. derived from Motta, presents Crowley texts & original articles including a magical exploration of the Qulippoth, Magic & Film by Ray Eales, poetry etc. Associated with the Crowley – Germer – Motta lineage of AA near Mint Order No. 310007 £55

Wolfgang Gregory Zeuner (compiler), Complete Concordance to Aleister Crowley’s Book of the Law, (Liber Al vel Legis), Fenris Brothers 2001 Paperback 115pp. Gives details of appearance of each word in Liber Al F Order No. 8422 £15

5) A Selection of Miscellaneous Esoteric Items

Dico Adrem (H.G. Whitney), Initiation Into Occult Consciousness, Austin 1927 123pp Author describes himself as “Active member, of unique position, in the Final Council of the Assemblage Invisible. some marks to boards Good Order No. 110891 £10

Logie Barrow, Independent Spirits, Spiritualism and English Plebians 1850-1910, RKP 1986 Paperback xii + 338. “Plebian spiritualism was one of the nursery cultures of working-class Liberalism and… socialism.” The important links between 19th Century spiritualism and political radicalism are often overlooked leading to a misunderstanding of the both. This important academic work presents much informatiomn VG Order No. 73169 £8

Joseph Leon Blau, The Christian Interpretation of the Cabala in the Renaissance, , Columbia University 1944 1st Edition.167pp very scarce work which. Very erudite. This copy is ex-library and has a library binding and various identifying marks. Looseky enclosed is a print out of email from the library concerned (Brooklyn Public Library) confirming that this copy was sold by the library rather than going AWOL Good sound ex-lib copy Order No. 73160 £50

W.G. Gray, Seasonal Occult Rituals, Aquarian 1970 1st Ed 121pp Sought after. Rituals of the four seasons, the sense of ceremonies & opening & closing rite VG in VG DW Order No. 73205 £25

Gerald Gardner, Witchcraft Today, Rider 1954 1st Ed. 163pp Plates. Introduction by Margaret Murray. One of the books by which Ghardner introduced Wicca to the world, immensely influential. Very slight spotting to pages edges and first and last few pages, spine slightly sunned, generally Very Good in a Good DW ) edges chipped, one inch tear, slight grubbiness to lighter coloured section covering read board Order No. 70112 £45

Melita Denning & Osborne Phillips, Planetary Magick, A Complete System For Knowledge and Attainment, Llewelyn 1989 Paperback xxxv + 400pp Authors headed Aurum Solis, an occult order which was apparently founded in 1897 to teach ceremonial magic. It operates a system of Hermetic magic which is different from the Golden Dawn. This work provides group rituals for working planetary forces for purposes of attunment, creation of an elixer, divination, visions, healing etc VG Order No. 350064 £25

Charles Maurer, Call to Revolution, Mystical Anarchism of Gustav Landauer, Wayne State University 1971 1st Ed. 218pp Nazism overwhelmed many varied currents including the mystic anarchism of Landauer whose advocated spiritual revolution Fine in VG DW Order No. 73162 £12

Edouard Schure, Hermes and Plato, Rider 1919 116pp + 16pp adverts. Descirbes the Graeco-Egyptian Mysteries associated with Hermes, the Mysteries of Plato and the Eleusian Mysteries. Free front endpaper missing, slight marks to cloth, otherwise VG Order No. 73211 £15

Isobel Sutherland and Francis King, Rebirth of Magic, , Corgi 1982 Paperback 217pp. The only edition of this work which describes the French occult revival, the Golden Dawn and its derivatives. Dion Fortune and the Society of Inner Light, ritual magic in the USA, sex magic, witchcraft etc VG Order No. 100045 £10

Eliphas Levi, Book of Splendours, Containing The Judaic Sun, the Christian Glory & the Flaming Star; Studies on the origins of the Qabalah with Research into the mysteries of freemasonry followed by the Profession of Faith & elements of the Qabalah, Aquarian 1973 1st Ed. Appendix by Papus OP 191pp VG Order No. 73214 £15

Eliphas Levi, Mysteries of the Qabalah, The Occult Agreement of the Two Testaments being Commentaries in the Light of Qabalistic Theology on the Prophecy of Ezekiel & the Apocalypse of St. John, Thorsons 1974 1st Ed 285pp Uncommon work, each page bordered, text in brown ink, some of the many Illus tinted red OP Fine in Fine DW Order No. 835 £25

Eliphas Levi, The Great Secret, Or Occultism Unveiled, Thorson’s 1975 1st Ed 188pp Levi condensed his occult teaching into a 3 volume work that was never published in his life time. Part one, the Hieratic Mystery, or the traditional documents of High Initiation was publshed as the Book of Splendours. Part 2, The Royal Mystery of the Art of Subduing Powers, and Part 3, The Sarcerdotal Mystery or the Art of being Served by Spirits, are here published for the first time Fine in Fine DW Order No. 3691 £28

Mayananda, Tarot for Today, Being notes Relative to the Twenty-Two Paths of the Tree of Life & the Tarot Trumps Together with a New Way of Approach to this Ancient Symbol, more suited to the Present Aquarian Age, & entitled The Horus Arrangement, Zeus Press 1963 1st Ed 1st Ed 255pp Illus Curious & intellligent work, relates to A.C.’s Book of Thoth but does not accept all aspects of it Scarce & insightful Fine in VG DW Order No. 555 £22

Christopher McIntosh, The Devil’s Bookshelf, A History of the Written Word in Western Magic, Aquarian Press 1985 1st & only Ed. Paperback 208pp History of grimoires and their use VG Order No. 2087 £18

Christopher McIntosh, Eliphas Levi & the French Occult Revival, Rider 1972 1st Ed. 238pp Plates Excellent substantial work, recommended. Ownership inscription plus booksellers discreet label on front free endpaper otherwise Fine in Very Good DW Order No. 39 £75

Henri Michaux, Infinite Turbulence, Calder & Boyars 1975 189pp Plates. Text divided into threee sections;- The effects of Mescaline; Eight Experiences; The Mescalinean Domain and Related Areas, LSD 25, Hallucinogenic Drugs and the Problem of Eros. Plates of the author’s drawings whilst in mescaline state. Very much based on actual experience with the drug. Highly collectable Fine in Fine protected DW Order No. 299675 £60

James Moore, Gurdjieff, Anatomy of a Myth, Element 1991 415pp Plates Fine in Very Good DW Order No. 110017 £9

Dowler Newberry, Mystic Art Divine, or Key to the Hidden Mysteries of Freemasonry, Self published Fourth edition (copyrighted 1894) 28pp leaflet, largish format. Author, who is from Missouri, onsiders the roots of Freemasnony to found Ancient Egypt and gives some curious lore cocnerning its transmission into the modern age. Quite browned and worn Good Order No. 110789 £15

Ross Nichols, Book of Druidry, Aquarian 1990 1st Ed. Author chief of one of the Druid Orders, discusses historical druidism and its renaissance. Magnum opus of modern Druidism Pls 319pp F in VG DW Order No. 607 £20

Ross Nichols, The Bowl of Glaeston, Privately printed for order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. Large format, card covers 9 leaves with duplicated text on one side of each leaf. Homely production values. Not dated Analysis of the magical nature of Glastonbury and particulalry Chalice Well. A very scarce text not intended for open publication. VG Order No. 299649 £20

Ross Nichols & Lames Kirkup, The Cosmic Shape, Forge Press 1946 1st Ed Led. Ed. of 500 this copy being number 26. 11pp Frontispiece plate by Muriel Metcalfe has been reproduced by collotype. Exploration of the Grail myth and related legends to provide a structure for our making sense of the Universe Fine in VG DW Order No. 299650 £15

Derek Parker, Familiar to All, William Lilly & Astrology in the 17th Century, Cape 1975 1st Ed 272pp Pls Intelligent account of Roundhead astrologer who was close to Elias Ashmole F in F DW Order No. 1392 £13.5

Nigel Pennick, Runic Astrology, Starcraft and Timekeping in the Northern Tradition, Aquarian 1990 Paperback 269pp Illustrated substantial and attempt to reconstruct the cosmology of the Norse, rather than projecting a modern neo-paganism onto the past. Fine Order No. 8174 £9

Alexis Constantin Carl Pfuhl, The Maximus Homo, or the Interpreatation of the New Testament, Self. Pub. 1895 14pp leaflet, largish format. Humanist astrological interpretation that has discussion of aeonics and is hostile to established church. Front cover embellished with vignette of winged disc above a human face within a heptagram. Scarce an dobscure item slight stain on front cover but VG Order No. 110790 £15

Anon (Albert Pike), Readings XXXII, No Publisher given not dated, presumably 1st Ed. 162pp top edge gilt, the binding may be recent. The Words Kadosh and Heredom; The Templar Dogma; the De iside et Osiride of Plutarch; Of Ineffable Words; Pythagoras – his Life & Doctrine; Hermes; the Royal Secret; Symbolic Campt of the Thirty-second Degree. These would appear to be teaching for 32nd degree of the Rite of freemasonry operated by Pike. Very scarce F Order No. 98020 £90

Rachel Pollack, Seventy-Eight Degees of Wisdom, Part 1 – The major Arcana; Part 2 – The minor Arcana and Readings, Aquarian 1980 + 1983 128pp and 208pp Two paperback books publsihed some years appart but comprise one work upon he nautre and use of the esoteric tarot Very Good Order No. 299680 £15

P.B. Randolph, Seership, The Magnetic Mirror, Randolph Pub. 1875 84pp + (25pp) ads The magic mirror as a central aspect of Randolph’s occultism. Randolph was remarkable, coming from a mixed race background he taught himself to read by looking at advertising hoardings. First involved in Spiritualism he then pursued an interest in Rosicrucianism and travelled to Europe to establish Rosicrucian contacts. This text indicates that he regarded Hargrave Jennings as chief of the British Rosicrucians. He acquired insights from the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor but soon went his own way teaching seership and use of the magic mirror, also promoting the use of cannabis though he later condemned the practice . Wear tpo top and tail of spine and corners but Good sound copy Order No. 98074 £150

Raphael, The Royal Book of Fate, Queen Elizabeth’s Oracle of Future Events from an Illuminated Manuscript, found in the Linbrary of the unfortunate Earl of Essex…, James Cornish Not Dated (c1833?) Coloured foldour frontispiece (13ins x 13ins) xi + 2pp tables printed in red + 69pp. Moulded boards with gilt blocked vignette. Introduction advises us that this is a publication of a manuscript owned by the occult bookdealer J. Denley (who employed Frederick Hoickley as a scribe). The work presents a divination system which works by the querent selecting an icon from the outer ring of the fold out frontispiece, based upon this choice an answer to their question is given. Whilst the oracle is promoted as light entertainment and more moral than gambling and drinking which might be the alternative, the predicted outcomes are not all entertaining. They reflect the realities of sudden death and disaster that could easily be encountered at that period. This copy has been much used. There is a good deal of wear along the folds of the frontispiece, also the tables wheich have to be frequently examined. The spine is worn, as are the corners of the binding, However the book is all present andn holding together Order No. 299591 £75

H.Stanley Redgrove, Bygone Beliefs, Being a Series of Excursions into the Byways of Thought, Rider 1920 1st Ed xvi + 205pp Pls Pythagoras; medicine & magic; Superstitions concerning birds; belief in talismans, ceremonial magic in theory & practice; architectural symbolism, quest for the Philosopher’s Stone, Roger Bacon, Cambridge Platonists etc sp darkened but VG Order No. 5417 £25

Israel Regardie, Ceremonial Magic, A Guide to the Mechanisms of Ritual, Aquarian 1985 Paperback 127pp Substantial advice on opening the Watchtowers and Bornless Ritual. Gives use of Unicursal Hexagram in Hexagram rituals, and innovation introduced, probably be Regardie, around 1930 but published here for the first time. VG Order No. 420030 £10

Israel Regardie, Garden of Pomegranates, Llewellyn 1970 2nd Revised Ed of very respected work that helped define western occult Qabala OP in HB ix + 159pp F in VG dec DW Order No. 648 £25

Israel Regardie, Golden Dawn Tapes, Series 1, New Falcon 1982 1st Ed Six audio cassettes in original box. Awareness; Relaxation; Banishing Rutual of the Pentagram; Bornless Ritual and Invocation of Thoth; Rose Cross Ritual (with and without instructions); Middle Pillar Ritual (with and without instructions); Practice of the Presence of God; Holy Guardian Angel; Mnatram; Breathing Fine Order No. 299687 £40

Israel Regardie, Golden Dawn Tapes, Series 2, New Falcon 1984 1st Ed 4 audio cassettes in original box, Introduction to the Golden Dawn, Definitions, Hebrew Pronunciations; the Tree and the Hierarchies, Knowledge Lectures; Enichian Calls; Meaning and Significance of the Officers Fine Order No. 299686 £30

Israel Regardie, Golden Dawn Tapes, Series 3, New Falcon 1986 1st Ed 4 audio cassettes in original box, Lecture on the Egyptian Gods and Invocations; Tree of Life Rituals etc Fine Order No. 299674 £25

Henry Rhodes, The Satanic Mass, A Sociological & Criminological Study, Citadel 1954 1st US Ed 232pp Plates Intelligent study. VG in DW missing bottom inch covering spine plus some other small segments Order No. 3659 £10

Anthony Roberts, Atlantean Traditions in Ancient Britain, Zodiac House Vol. I
Visions of Albion 34pp 1972; Vol. II Atlantean Ireland 24pp; Vol. III Magical Heritage in Wales 34pp. All three are large format, clip bindings. Of the author’s influence in Earth Mysteries Jeremy Harte said “Roberts wielded an influence in the early days out of all proportion to his published output. But will his long, passionate, prophetic and irritable style mean anything to researchers who never made contact with the man’s magnetic personality? He remains the best advocate for a spiritual vision of the land.” Roberts maintained a magical, occult view of landscape. One of his abiding interests was fairy hills. It is said that he died of a heart attack on midsummer’s day upon Glastonbury Tor which is, of course, fairy hill. Chillingly it is said that at the time he was preparing a magical working to contact the spirit of Robert Kirk, author of Secret Commonwealth of Elves and Fairies. Kirk too died on a fairly hill but it was thought his corpse was a changling and that he had been carried away to the land of fairy that he had so compellingly described. When Kirk’s spirit showed itself his family, in shock, failed to act in the prescribed manner and Kirk became destined to act as aguide between our world and the land of fairy. . Each volume of this work is inscribed by Roberts to “K.G” with a sigil. The rear end paper of each volume has a 100 word handwritten inscription by the author recording extracts of “High Atlantean” together with English translations. Two were psychically received on Glastonbury Tor VG Order No. 200702 £80

Anthony Roberts & Geoff Gilbertson, The Dark Gods, Granada 1985 Paperback 320pp Plates Noted work, speculates that humanity has always been plagued by malefic disincarnate beings that now manifest as UFO’s MIBs & inner plane occult contacts. Contentious. Very Good + Order No. 73167 £15

Sha Rocco, Masculine Cross, and Ancient Sex Worship, Commonwealth 1904 65pp. Illustrated. This work, one of a number, are a curiosity showing an undercurrent of fascination with sex worship in Victorian England. Sha Rocco is obviously a pseudonymn, some say for Abisha S. Hudson though since there are no biographical details for this person this too may be a pseudonymn. Some annotations, front hinge week G+ Order No. 110510 £15

Geza Roheim, Animism, Magic and the Divine King, Knopf 1930 390pp Applied Freudian theory to anthropology. Whilst the modern reader may not accept the premise the material presented richly informative for anyone with an interest in sex magic seeking mythological and anthropological references VG Order No. 420018 £20

Sax Rohmer, Romance of Sorcery, Methuen 1923 223pp The author, creator of Dr.Fu Manchu, presents a sound account of Apolloius of Tyana, Nostrodamus, Dee, Cagliostro, Blavatsky & sorcery & the law. Not in fact a member of the Golden Dawn as often stated the author pursued his own magical way based upon the Egyptian Book of the Dead 236pp OP Some wear Good Order No. 2444 £20

Sax Rohmer, The Green Eyes of Bast, Burt not dated (1920’s) 311pp Author’s occult fiction is being reassessed VG Order No. 8233 £20

Francis Rolt-Wheeler, Mystic Gleams from the Holy Grail, The Legend of Spiritual Chivalry, the Mystery of its Divine Origin, its Secret in the World of Faeire and its Hight Initiation, Rider nd (pre-war) 192pp VG in rather worn DW Order No. 8140 £20

Ethel Rossignol, A Goodly Company, Self published (1920’s) Very large format indeed. (18ins x 15ins) 70pp. Illustrated including seven tipped in coloured plates. Inspired images and communicated words commencing from a loved ones experience of the after life to curious and striking images of angelic beings expressing the principles of the spiritual world. The artist is a very good amateur and not without talent, however her figures are stilted and characterless. As the workings progress these limitations are transcended as increasingly mandala like visions of angels and committed to paper. Line drawings move to paintings and the seven culminating images are reproduced in colour. It would appear that in the last two images the gold which is aspect of the images has been left out of the original to provide a white background upon which gold paint has been applied by hand. In the final plate a less glossy paper has been used to perfect the effect. The book has been printed by the Chiswick Press to high production values. The text extravagently describes the nature of transmundane life. Whilst superficial scanning suggests rather bland verbiage careful study may prove this impression unfair. The latter images are highly reminiscent of mandala inspired psychedelic art. However this is not to suggest that drugs were used to obtain these visions, there are references in the text to automatic drawing and dream visions. Internally there is some slight unobtrusive browning, the cloth binding is quite faded and marked with a dampstain to lover board. Images available on request Good Order No. 266625 £95

Steve Savedow, Goetic Evocation, The Magician’s Workbook Vol.2, Eschaton 1996 Particularly interesting for the personal account of working with the Goetia Paperback 203pp F Order No. 60006 £13.50

Steve Savedow, The Magician’s Workbook, A Modern Grimoire, Weiser 1995 Paperback xiii + 270pp Illus A coherent system of ceremonial magic, yoga astral projection Signed by the author with substantial inscription to Phillipe Pissseur F+ Order No. 95055 £15

T. Schrire, Hebrew Amulets, Their Decipherment and Interpretation, RKP 1966 1st Ed xii + 180pp plates, the authoritative academic text upon the subject, very scarce. Fine in Very Good Dustwrapper Order No. 299592 £120

Gerald Schueler, Advanced Guide to Enochian Magic, Llewellyn 1987 431pp Paperback VG Order No. 1965 £20

Gerald Schueler, Enochian Physics, The Structure of the Magical Universe, Llewellyn 1988 Figures & Tables Paperback ix + 384pp VG Order No. 1967 £30

Gerald & Betty Schueler, Enochian Tarot, Llewellyn 1989 334pp Paperback book G+ Order No. 2706 £4

Edouard Schure, The Great Initiates, Sketch of the Secret History of Religions, Rider 1912 1st Ed Small format Vol. I Frontispiece Plate xxxvi + 362pp + 16pp ads Esoteric Teaching; Rama; Krishna; Hermes; Moses; Orpheus. Vol. II Plate vi + 394pp + 16pp ads Pythagoras; Plato; Jesus – the Last Great Initiate. Spine darkened, wear top and tail Some browning and spotting to preliminary pages. Slight split in binding of Vol II Both G Order No. 84520 £20

W.B. Seabrook, Adventures in Arabia, Among the Bedouins, Druses, Whirling Dervishes and Yezide Devil Worshippers, Blue Ribbon 1930 Plates 312pp Of particular interest for the accounts of Yezidee where he recounts some important traditions not found elsewhere. Also he gives a very plausible explanation of rumours of sex rites amongst the Druze. Decorated cloth VG Order No. 8142 £30

Terence Sellers, The Correct Sadist, Temple Press 1990 v + 167pp 6 plates by Genesis P. Orridge. Authors progress from Convent girl to sex worker and her study of occulltism prepared her for the writing of this erotic novel here illustated with photo-collage artwork by Mr. Orridge F in VG DW Order No. 84779 £20

Charles Seymour, These Things Happen, Evidences of Contact With Another World, Odhams nd (c1960?) 158pp Poltergeists, spiritualism, automatic writing, scrying, dowsing etc VG in VG DW Order No. 1403 £18

Sunny Shah, Sexual Imagery in the Early Poetry of Aleister Crowley, Contra/Thought 1997 24pp Card covers, inscription by publisher, tinted paper VG+ Order No. 430036 £5

Dr. Narendra Nath Sharma, Kalpa Cintamanih of Damodara Bhatta, An Ancient Treatise on Tantra, Yantra and Mantra, Eastern Book Linkers 2005 xxii + 160pp Presents the original Sanscrit plus English translation of an ancient anonymous text which is the format of a conversation between the God Shiva and his consort Uma gives a Tantric tyext which is practically and stylistically akin to a western grimoire. The rites are for such ends as:- the subjugation of persons; attraction; immobilisation of an enemy; eradication of an enemy from the home; pacification of an evil or release from captivity. There are sigil-like mandalas and mantras akin to evocations. Fine in Fine DW (though published to Indian production standards) Order No. 299701 £20

Stephen Skinner, Terrestial Astrology, Divination by Geomancy, RKP 1980 xiii + 293pp Pls The most substantial and informative work on the subject. Explores its Arabic origins, its spread into the East, Europe & Africa & thence to the New World. Contrasts it with Chinese geomancy, about which Skinner has also written & explores the meeting of the two systems in Madagascar.Gives full instructions for working the system OP Fine in Very Good Order No. 2691 £20

Geoff Smith, Knights of the Solar Cross, M.A.A.T. Lodge 1983 Having cognisance of OTO influence upon Wicca felt empowered by those inititiations to declare himself Baphomet X OTO. His ennunciation of the nature Order relates it to Theosophy & other traditions, he seeks to reactivate the pre-Crowley OTO. A curiosity. 36pplarge format pamphlet VG Order No. 1753 £25

Timothy d’Arch Smith, Love in Earnest, Some Notes on the Lives and Writings of English ‘Uranian’ Poets from 1889 to 1930, RKP 1970 1st Ed xxiii + 280pp Plates. Signed inscription by the author to Geoff Rushton and Peter Christpherson, members of Coil, the avante garde music group Very Good (no DW) Order No. 73140 £80

Timothy D’Arch Smith, Montague Summers, A Bibliography, Aquarian 1983 170pp Plates F in F DW Order No. 2682 £13.5

Anne Somerset, The Affair of Poisons, Murder, Infanticide & Satanism at the Court of Louis XIV, Weidenfeld & Nicholson 2003 xxii + 377pp Coloured plates Fine in Fine DW Order No. 299603 £10

Francois Strachan, Casting Out The Devils, Aquarian 1972 127pp Describes the approaches of the major religions but is written from the point of view of the occultist, discussing magical & esoteric approaches to excorcism F in VG price-clipped DW Order No. 70255 £13.5

Basilius Valentinus, Triumphal Chariot of Antimony, Stuart 1963 xxxiii + 204pp Ltd to 500 copies Illus 1st Pub 1624 carries. The author may be fictional, but is certainly influential & important! F Order No. 5629 £35

George Hunt Williamson, Other Tongues – Other Flesh, Spearman 1969 448pp Pls Author witnessed an Admaski encounter with UFO but eschews nuts & bolts theories to explore communcation between entities & humanity throughout history Fine in Fine DW Order No. 110347 £15

Lewis Spence, History and Origins of Druidism, Rider not dated (c1949) 1st Ed. 199pp Druidism inCeltic Areas; Druidic Priesthood; Druidic Theology and Ritual; Ideas Concerningt he After-Life, Festivals and Sacrifice; Places of Worship, Druidism and Divine Kingship; Influence of Other Cults upon Druidism; Druidism and the Magcial Arts; Theories concerning the Origins of Druidism. An intelligent work. Slight discolouration to spine but Very Good Order No. 430019 £15

Lewis Spence, Magic Arts in Celtic Britain, Rider 1945 1st Ed Plates 198pp Druidism; spells & charms; magical books; spirit world; necromancy & divination; mysticism; reincarnation; Arthur, the Grail; second sight. Good+ Order No. 2604 £20

Lewis Spence, Magic Arts in Celtic Britain, Aquarian 1976 Plates 198pp Druidism; spells & charms; magical books; spirit world; necromancy & divination; mysticism; reincarnation; Arthur, the Grail; second sight. Fine in Very Good DW Order No. 430010 £15

Lewis Spence, Magical Arts in Celtic Britain, Dorset Press 1992 Plates viii + 198pp Excellent work, explores the nature of Druidism, the Celtic spirit world, Celtic spellcraft & divination, Celtic mysticism, the cult of Arthur & the Grail. Many find this reconstruction of Celtic magical practice superior to the modern equivalents Hardback protected with plastic film Fine in G (unevenly faded) DW Order No. 4612 £8

Lewis Spence, Myth & Ritual in Dance, Game & Rhyme, Watts 1947 202pp Plates spine sunned otherwise VG Order No. 30026 £15

Lewis Spence, Will Europe Follow Atlantis, Rider 1st Ed not dated (1942) 192pp Uncommon title published during Second World War presenting an occultists view of the conflict. Given the date of publication he optimistically assumes and Alled victory and outlines proposals for the rebuilding of Europe around esoteric principles. Nicks in cloth as junction of spine and front board, some disclouration of cloth. Previous owners name discreetly blind stamped on front board. Occasional discreet annotation Overall G+ sound copy Order No. 3360 £15

Enid Starkie, Arthur, Rimbaud, Hamilton 1947 464pp Plates The first comprehensive biography of th poet noted for the attention paid to the poet’s study of magic and alchemy, thus rendering previously inexplicable poems meaningful VG in G DW Order No. 8365 £15

R. Campbell Thompson, Semitic Magic, Its Origins and Development, Wesier 2000 lxviii + 283pp. Divided into five sections:- Demons & Ghosts; Demoniac Posession and Tabu; Sympathetic Magic; Atonement Sacrifice; Redemption of the Firstborn. Utilises Assyrian, Syrian, Rabbinic and Arabic sources Fine in Fine DW Order No. 110331 £25

Edred Thorsson, Nine Doors of Midgard, A Complete Curriculum of Rune Magic, Llewellyn 1991 Paperback xxiii + 279pp Out of print.Gives the magical system of the Rune Gild – a coherent magical tradition in the Northern tradition Very Good Order No. 2005 £20

Edred Thorsson, Nine Doors of Midgard, A Curriculum of Rune-Work, Runa-Raven 1997 Large format card covers 162pp The core text of the Rune Guild F Order No. 84661 £25

Edred Thorsson, Rune Might, Secret Practices of the German Rune Magicians, Llewellyn 1989 1st Ed Paperback xiv + 160pp VG Order No. 8255 £25

R.G. Torrens, Secret Rituals of the Golden Dawn, Aquarian 1973 1st Ed 304pp Illus Unlike Israel Regardie’s work this is drawn up from pre-split G.’.D.’. documents rather than Stella Matutina material. Diagrams VG in G+ protected DW Order No. 42008 £90

Brinsley Trench, Secret of the Ages, UFOs From Inside the Earth, Souvenir 1974 1st Ed Plates 192pp. Though no doubt written sincerely this work is appreciated by occultists as a classic of imaginative psycho- geography, mapping mind spaces rather than physical realities. The notion of secret realms within the world interpenetrating with hours has a peculiar resonance. It is exp[ressed by Bulwer Lytton in the Coming Race and of course in Faerie lore, especially Kirk’ s Commonwealth of Elves and Faeries. It is testament to the power of the myth that it should find this manifestation, sincerely believed, in the era of space flight! VG in VG DW Order No. 99128 £18

John Trinick, The Fire-Tried Stone, (Signum Atque Signatum) AN Enquiry into the Development of a SYMBOL, Wordens / Vincent Stuart Watkins 1967 1st Ed 138pp Plates. Illustrated Endpapers. Commencing from a Jungian standpoint examines the symbol of alchemical (and sexual) union, explores the power of the symbol in the work of William Blake and other, less well kown mnystics such as Franz von Baader, Novalis, Greaves, Laurence Oliphant, Vladimir Solovyev, Dmitri Mreezhkovsky and Nicolas Beryaev. A curiously overlooked work dealing with the hidden tantric undercurrent of western and Russian mysticism. This copy signed by the author F in VG DW Order No. 84407 £35

Hermes Trismegistus (Attributed to), Hermetica, Solos 1997 253pp Walter Scott translation of neo-Platonic Graeco Egytian texts written as a Pagan response to Christianity Fine in Fine DW Order No. 2001 £12

Jaques Vallee, Anatomy of a Phenomina, Unidentified Objects in Space – A Scientific Appraisal, Spearman 1966 1st UK Ed. viii + 210pp Pls Influential & significant ufological title VG in G DW Order No. 5223 £10

Various, Tyr, Myth, Culture, Tradition Vol. II, Ultra 2003 Paperback 422pp illustrated. Julis Evola – the Traditional Doctrine of battle and Victory; Steve Pollington – Originof the ermn Warband; Nigeln Pennick – Heathen Holy Places in Northern Europe; Chriistian Ratsch – Sacred Plants of our Ancestors; Stephen Flowers – First Northern Renaissance; Peter Bahn – Frederick Hielscher; Fermenting moon Music, A Conversation with John Balance of Coil; Stephen macNallen – Three Decades of Asatru Revival in America; Joscelyn Godwin – Herman Wirth on Folksong Fine Order No. 73168 £8

Various, Tyr, No. 1 Myth – Culture – Tradition, Ultra 1002 Paperback 286pp Articles include Nigel Pennick – On the Spiritual Side of Arts & Crafts/the Goddess Zissa; Stephen Flowers -Idea of Intergral Culture, a Model of Revolt against the Modern World; Steve Polinton – Wodin Lore-Giver to Law-Giver; Joshua Buckely – Interview with Ian Read; Annabel Lee – Dark Side of the Mountain; Joselyn Godwin – Julius Evola; Marcus Wolff – Herman Lons etc Fine Order No. 7195 £9

Various, Research Materials Relating to Mandrake Press, PHOTOCOPIES of Approx 150pp loose photocopies of items relevant to mandrake press Limited. It includes prospectuses, catalogues, business proposals, accounts, stock lists, correspondence between the directors, the banks and court documents as the directors were sued by their creditors. The material does throw considerable new light upon a familiar story. The press already had a reputation for challenging literary boundaries, it published some Crowley items and Crowley arranged for the business to be taken over by followers to promote his work and provide him with an income. However the business failed, with investors losing money. This material which includes copies of a number of letters from Crowley, Regardie and Germer provides background information about the realities of the situation and also the hopes of the Thelemites involved. There are ambitious publication plans, talk of performances of the Gnostic Mass and even films Order No. 430006 £95

Various Ed. John Matthews & Chesa Potter, Aquarian Guide to Legendary London, Aquarian 1990 Paperback 320pp Excellent selection of essays concerning the geomancy, legends, mythology and sacred aspects of the city. Contributions by Nigel Pennick, Caroline Wise, R. J Stewart, John Matthews, Chesca Potter, Gareth Knight, Paul Devereux etc Fine Order No. 299659 £12

Various (Ed. Shea & Righini Bonelli), Reason, Experiment and Mysticism in the Scientific Revolution, Macmillan 1975 1975 1st Ed. vi + 320pp Articles include three (58PP) on Isaac Newton’s alchemy (by Richard Westfall, Paoli Casini &Marie Boas Hall) also articles on Hermeticism, Metaphysics and Mysticism and the Scientific Revolution F in VG (some staining) DW Order No. 84532 £30

Various, Lamp of Thoth, Vol. I Nos. 1-6, Vol. II Nos. 1-5, Vol. III Nos 1-3, Sorcerer’s Apprentice Not Dated (1980s). First 10 issues A4 format each 28pp or more, subsequent 4 issues A5 format 56pp or more. Unbroken run of 14 issues. Irreverent and lively, published in Leeds where one commentator famously distinguished between “Git ‘Ard Magic” and “Puff’s Magic”. Lamp of Thoth would incline towards the former. Articles include Simon Goodall – Nature Spirits; Mike Magee – Sex Magick of theNathas; L.P. Carter – Anaysis of Zos; Laurence Ramsey – Finnish Shamaism and Occult History; Secret Mormon Rites of Endowment; Cecil Williamson – Gerald Gardner, the Truth about the Myth and the Man I Knew; Robert Turner – Occult Semi -Anarchism Repeats Political Sins; John Dee – Liber Scientia; Marion Parker – English QBL and the Practibility of English Gemetria; Rafal T. Prinke – Accessing Akashic Light through Genetic Consciousness; Anglian Church of Satanism, Pete Carroll – Rightwing Occultism; J.H.Brennan – Cultivating Magical Memory; Pat Crowther – Magical Plants: Stephen Waters – Underground Music and Initiation; Sexual aspects of Wicca; Rafal T. Prinke – The Charkternik Fighting Belt); Phil Hine; A.C.Evans; Mike Howard – Psychic Espionage & the Superpowers; Rodney Orpheus; Dave Lee et al Numbering the Letters of the Alphabet; W.G.Gray; Jake Stratton Kent; A.C.Evans – Huysmans, Symbolic Art & Sigilisation; J.F.C.Fuller – The Black Arts; Frater U.’.D.’. – German Occultism & the New Aeon; Pete Carroll – Aeonic Transmissions; Rosicrucians & the Golden Dawn; Thessalonius Loyala (ie Ray Sherwin) -True Purpose of the Gnostic Mass; Homosexuality & the Occult; Doreen Valiente;

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