Books for Sale: devl93 – Part 2

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Thanks to devl93

The following books are from my personal collection, they are not duplicate copies of books that have been bought and stored, once they are sold they will leave a big gap on my bookshelves and in myself. I would ideally like to see the titles sold as I have collected them, in groups, so that is how I will list them.

If they do not sell in this form, then I will discuss individual titles and price.

A big thank you goes to Paul & LAShTAL.COM for allowing me the opportunity in offering these books and the previous list to the Thelemic community first.
The Equinox part 2 £450 o.n.o

Volume 1 no. 2 first edition, Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co., London 1909 Hardcover. Nicely rebound with grey boards. All edges have been trimmed to leave them nice and clean. Archival tape repairs to a couple of pages. All in all a rather good copy.

The Blue Equinox hardcover in clear plastic sleeve, slight tare to sleeve. weiser 1992, V.good

The book of Thoth Level Press, SF, CA paperback, 1974 good

Lber Aleph Level Press, SF, CA, paperback, small copy, 1974 good

Liber Aleph Unicorn: Seattle, Unicorn Bookshop, Brighton, England paperback, circa 1974 good

Liber Aleph Aeon Press, Seattle, WA paperback,1985 v. good

Tao Teh King, Thelema Publications, 1976, this is a variation deluxe hardcover, bound in brown leather/ or leather like. It has the same end papers as the 100 copies deluxe edition. Bought from weiser a few years ago, apart from seeing a couple of copies bound this way they could offer no more assistance. there is a picture of this edition in the gallery. Excellent condition.

The Equinox volume 3 no. 10, Thelema Publications, 1986, first edition trade paperback, signed To Brother _____, fraternal greetings, Hymeaneus B. Slight ware to front cover. Good.

Gems from the Equinox Falcon Press, AZ, Hardcover, 2nd Edition, 1982, 1st falcon edition. Burgundy cover, black spine, gold lettering. Good

Gems from the Equinox Falcon Press, AZ, Hardcover 1992. . Black cover with gold lettering. Good

Others £150 o.n.o.

Konx om pax no date no publisher, paperback, bright green cover with orange letters, It also has a maroon design in the centre between the title and Crowley’s name. Good.

Konx om pax no date, Metaphysical research group label to rear cover, yellow paperback, elongated Konx om pax to front cover. Good.

Liber pyramidos heka beka books, no date, pamphlet. Good.

Clouds without water yogi publications, no date, white paperback. Good.

Aha new falcon publications, 1987. Paperback. good

The book of lies weiser, 1984, paperback. good

The complete astrological writings Tandem Books, England paperback,1976 good

Magick in theory and practice Dover publications 1976 paperback good

Confessions, corrected hardcover with dust wrapper, v.good

Magical record of the beast, Duckworth Press, England ,1983 , paperback, good+

Magical diaries of Aleister Crowley Samuel Weiser Inc., ME paperback, 2nd printing, 1996 v. good+

Magick without tears new falcon paperback 1991 as new

The vision and the voice vondel park 2006 paperback, these will be a relatively small amount as they were withdrawn. As new.

The vision and the voice vondel park 2006 hard back, these will be a relatively small amount as they were withdrawn. As new.

The magical writings of the Equinox vondel park 2006 hard cover, these will be a relatively small amount as they were withdrawn. As new.

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