Jacob Boehme and his Circle

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Thelema is a broad church, so they say…

Although this book list isn’t, strictly speaking, Thelemic or Crowleyan in nature, I know that many members will be fascinated by the books offered for sale at what seem to me to be very reasonable prices.

My thanks to Mykaljohn

JACOB BOEHME AND HIS CIRCLE: Books from the Library of Charles Muses.

41 items, mostly early books by and about the German Mystic Jacob Boehme (1575-1624); his friends and followers. All of the books in this collection came from the library of Charles A. Muses, PhD. (1919-2000), a multidisciplinary scholar who studied within a multitude of academic realms, including philosophy, mathematics, Egyptology, mythology, computer sciences, the structure of time and the evolution of consciousness.

Muses founded the Jacob Boehme Society in the 1950s, editing and publishing THE JACOB BOEHME SOCIETY QUARTERLY. He was an avid and discerning book collector.
We offer here the bulk of his collection of Boehme, individually priced.

A pdf file is available here:


A word document can be found here:


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