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Weiser Antiquarian Books is pleased to announce the availability of two new catalogs:

Catalog Twenty-Six: Aleister Crowley Rarities and Catalog Twenty-Seven: Mr. Kenneth Grant. Books and Related Materials.

Catalog Twenty-six lists a good selection of Crowley First Editions: including Ambergris , The City of God (a rare review issue), Clouds Without Water, The Equinox of the Gods, The Fun of the Fair, Gargoyles, Household Gods, 777, The Sword of Song, The Winged Beetle, and others, as well as three numbers of the ‘Edition de Luxe’ issue of the first series of The Equinox.

Two special typescripts occupy a category of their own: the original typescript from which Stephen Skinner prepared his pioneering edition of Crowley’s Astrology, along with some related ephemera, and a copy of Crowley’s still-unpublished Book of Oaths. Each of the manuscript items is special in it’s own way, but the highlights are undoubtedly the collection of documents relating to Crowley’s abortive attempt to issue a deck of the Thoth tarot cards in the early 1940s, the original manuscript of the “Bibliographical Note” to The Book of Thoth, a typescript with Crowley’s delightful “My name it is Aleister Crowley” limerick written by him in manuscript at the end, and the signed manuscript of an unpublished wartime poem: “Remember Pearl Harbour!”

The catalog ends with three small artworks by author, playwright, poet and painter Ithell Colquhoun (1906 – 1988). Colquhoun is said to have had a passing acquaintance with Crowley, and to have later been recognised as an O.T.O. member by Karl Germer. She was also, for a time, a member of Kenneth Grant’s New Isis Lodge.

Catalog Twenty-seven comprises a wonderfully comprehensive collection of books by, and with contributions by Kenneth Grant, mostly from the one private collection. It includes a number of scarce signed limited editions, and other rarities.

The catalog is prefaced by an especially-written appreciation of Mr. Grant’s work by his long-time associate and publisher, Michael Staley of Starfire publishing.
The catalogs may now be viewed at:

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