Doug Bradley to star as Crowley character in Clive Barker film

Doug Bradley is set to star in a film adaptation taken from Clive Barkers “Books of Blood” series of short stories. Full article here.


Clive Barker’s The Book of Blood” is the latest adaptation of one of Clive Barker’s short story collections “The Books of Blood”. In this case, it’s the wrap-around stories “The Book of Blood” and “On Jeruselum Street”, the former appearing at the start of volume one and the forumer at the end of volume six.

The film is being produced on the Midnight Picture Show label along with the UK-based film company Matador Pictures. The script has been written by John Harrison (TV’s Dune) and Darin Silverman and Harrison will also be directing. Principal photography will begin December 6th and continue through to February next year.

Barker’s Official Website Revelations now hosts an online Journal with the films producer Joe Daley which can be found here. This should continue to be updated and looks set to be a great source of information on the films production.

Doug Bradley issued the following statement on his official website detailing his involvement with the new film:

“And it starts shooting – in Edinburgh, rather than Glasgow – next week and I’m going to be in it. I had chatted with director and co-writer John Harrison in September when he was over here and he’d mentioned the possibility. I had, in truth, forgotten all about it, so it was a pleasant surprise when they came back to me with an offer for a cameo role which I’ve happily accepted. The script is in the first instance a conflation of the two parts of The Book Of Blood which bookend the entire Books Of Blood cycle (The Book Of Blood and The Book Of Blood (postscript); On Jerusalem Street) which has then been cleverly teased out to paint a bigger picture for a full-length screenplay.

It’s set in the present day, but I play a character called Tollington who has been dead for pretty much a century. He was an occultist who occupied the house in Tollington Place (mentioned in Clive’s original story). It’s a brief but memorable appearance and I’m looking forward to it. I was up there yesterday for a photo shoot (for portrait and newspaper article which appear elsewhere in the movie and in discussion with the make-up department, agreed that my current cut does not sell the period and so we agreed to shave my head completely. It works too, because any similarities between Tollington and a certain Aleister Crowley would not be at all inappropriate.

Hence the chilly bonce. I know there wasn’t much insulation left, bit dunn’alf make a difference!”

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Filmed as ‘Clive Barker’s Book Of Blood’ (2009):