Twenty Years of Studies in Aleister Crowley

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The Center for Studies on New Religions presents TWENTY YEARS OF STUDIES ON ALEISTER CROWLEY at its 2008 International Conference (17 April 2008 – London School of Economics).

  • Painting Dead Souls: New Discoveries on Aleister Crowley and Art – Marco PASI (University of Amsterdam)
  • The Scientific Aeon: Magic, Science and Psychology in Crowley’s Scientific Illuminism – Egil ASPREM (University of Amsterdam)
  • The Initiatory System of the AA- Henrik BOGDAN (Göteborg University)
  • The Bhikku and the Magus: Exploring Allan Bennett’s Influence on Aleister Crowley – John L. CROW (University of Amsterdam)
  • Crowleyan Echoes: Baraka and Fantasy – Dave EVANS (Bristol University)
  • Legitimization Strategies and Charismatic Control in Thelema – Martin P. STARR (University of Chicago)

See SESSION 31 (ROOM D602) at

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