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All books listed are cloth unless otherwise noted. It is best to call in advance to reserve your selections and to insure that they are still available. I will hold books for seven days to await payment, unless other arrangements have been made. When ordering books please add $5.00 S&H for the first volume and $1.50 for each volume thereafter. Payment may be made by check, money order or credit card (Visa, Master Card or American Express.).

Codes for abbreviations are: D/W= Dust wrapper. HC= Hardcover, non-cloth. PB= Paperback. N.D.= No publication date. F= Fine, or like new. VG= Very good, shows some light wear. G= Good, shows some definite wear, but contents are in good shape. Otherwise exact condition will be noted, as will any specific damages.
I am also interested in buying books, whole collections or individual volumes write or call for more information.
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The long awaited second volume of the Picatrix is due out in March or April this year. E-mail or call to be added to the list for some of the first people to receive a copy of this important work, published by Ouroboros Press, right here in Seattle! Orders will be filled on a first come first serve basis

1. Frater Achad. Liber Thirty-One. 1998. Marietta, GA: Luxor Press. 8vo. Trade paperback. Edited and annotated by Allen Greenfield. 66 pp. Good+. $10.00
2. Anonymous. SSOTBME: An Essay on Magic. 1979. Surrey: Nigel Grey Turner. 8vo. Trade paperback. 95 pp. Light staining to the page edges, VG-. $30.00
3. Anonymous. The Grimoire of Pope Honorius III. 1984. UK: Sut Anubis Press. 8vo. Wraps. Number 309 of 500 #-ed copies. Signed by Translator and Publisher. 69 pp. Some wear to the edges of the covers and spine, light smudge marks, good+. Rare edition. $50.00
4. Apuleius (forward by Daniel Driscoll). The God of Socrates. 1993. Gillette, NJ: Heptangle. Last work published by this press. 8vo. 55 pp. Very good, in faded D/W with light smudging and slightly darkened spine. $30.00
5. Barborka, Geoffrey. The Peopling of the Earth: A commentary on archaic records in The Secret Doctrine. 1975. Wheaton: Theosophical Publishing House. 8vo. 233 pp. Hardcover in D/W. Ex-Theosophical Library. Pocket removed from rear paste down. Library book plates to front paste down and FFEP, also library stamp to the outer edge. Good+ in Good+ D/W. $25.00
6. Budge, Sir Wallis. Egyptian Magic. No date (ca. 1960’s) New York: University Books. 8vo. xv + 234 pp. VG in same D/W. $15.00
7. Cicero, Chic and Tabitha. Secrets of a Golden Dawn Temple. 1992. St. Paul: Llewellyn. First edition. Signed by both Chic and Tabitha on the Title page. First edition. 8vo. Wraps. 544 pp. Edge wear, Spine creases (2), Good. $50.00
8. Crowley, Aleister. The AA1993. UK: Mandrake Press. 8vo. Staple bound. 13 pp. Unpaginated. VG. $30.00
9. Crowley. AHA. 1969. Dallas: Sangreal. 8vo. Cloth. 76 pp. Commentary by Israel Regardie. Very good, no D/W. $30.00
10. Crowley. The Complete Astrological Writings. 1988. UK: Duckworth. 8vo. 224 pp. Bound in black cloth with gilt stamping to the spine. VG in same D/W. $35.00
11. Crowley. Book Four. 1969. Dallas: Sangreal. 8vo. 127 pp. Red hardcover. Very light wear to the top and bottom of spine and corners. Very good. $40.00
12. Crowley. The Book of the Law. Liber Al vel Legis. 1974. San Francisco: Level Press. 8vo. Trade Paperback. 67 pp. Has a typed edition of the MSS. Liber XXXI, unique edition in it’s own way. Small water stain to the outer upper most edge, effecting the front cover and outer edge only, pretty minor. Half title has small part of the upper corner removed, no doubt to remove an old price. In spite of that there is an old price in pen and also an old book store stamp to the rear inside cover. Overall a good+ or better copy. $100.00
13. Crowley. The Book of the Law. 1970. Los Angeles: XENO. 8vo. Stapled wraps. 44 pp. Contents include the “Old” Comment. Edited by Jerry Kay. Very good, great early 70’s colored cover art. $50.00
14. Crowley. Diary of a Drug Fiend. 1970. New Hyde Park, NY: University Books. 8vo. Hardcover. 368 pp. Good (cover is soiled around edges and spine) in Good D/W. $30.00
15. Crowley. The Equinox of the Gods & Eight Lectures on Yoga. Being Equionox Volume III No. 3 – 4. 1991. New York: O.T.O./ 93 Publishing. First edition thus. 8vo. 137 pp. + 65 pp. + 128 pp. Bound in blonde sail cloth with red foil stamping to the spine and front cover. Very light wear to the stamping else a Very good+ copy. $150.00
16. Crowley. The Equinox of the Gods. 1991. Scottsdale AZ; OTO/ New Falcon. 8vo. Trade Paperback. 137 pp. + facsimile of MSS of Liber AL. VG. Out of print. $40.00
17. Crowley. The Forbidden Lecture: Gilles de Rais. 1990. UK: Mandrake. 8vo. Limited #ed edition (584/1000) 81 pp. Very good in same D/W $60.00
18. Crowley. Fun of the Fair. 1993. UK: Mandrake. 8vo. Staple bound. 31 pp. VG. 20.00
19. Crowley. Golden Twigs. 1988. Chicago: Teitan Press. Uncorrected page proof copy. Wraps. 151 pp. Signed by Martin Starr to artist Charlie Krafft. Very good. $100.00
20. Crowley. Golden Twigs. 1988. Chicago: Teitan Press. First edition thus. 8vo. Cloth with D/W. 151 pp. Spotting to the top edge else a very good copy in same D/W. $60.00
21. Crowley. The Holy Books of Thelema. 1983. York Beach: Weiser. 8vo. 270 pp. First edition thus. Binding slightly shaken, very light soiling/ reading wear to the outside edge, previous owners signature on the FFEP, and small personal stamp to the title page. Good+ in same D/W. $75.00
22. Crowley. How to Write a Novel! After W.S. Maugham. 1993. UK: Mandrake Press. 8vo. Staple bound. Light soiling to the covers, else VG. $10.00
23. Crowley. Konx Om Pax: Essays in Light. 1990. Chicago: Teitan. 1 of 1,000 copies. x + 108 pp. + 12 pp. Facsimile of the first edition. This copy inscribed by ed. Martin Starr. Very good copy of this striking publication. $150.00
24. Crowley. Konx Om Pax: Essays in Light. No date. Chicago: Yogi Publications. Paperback. 12mo. 108 pp. VG. $15.00
25. Crowley. Liber XXI: Khing Khang Khing. The Classic of Purity. 1974. Kings Beach; CA: Thelema Publications. 12mo. Printed in blue ink, nice frontispiece drawing by AC. Very good. $75.00
26. Crowley. Little Essays Towards Truth. 1991. Tempe: New Falcon. 8vo. Paperback. 96 pp. Light bend to the first 10 pp. else a very good copy. $20.00
27. Crowley. Magick. (edited by John Symonds and Kenneth Grant) 1987. York Beach: Weiser. 8vo. Cloth in D/W. Being Book 4 parts I-III. 511 pp. Very good in same D/W. $50.00
28. Crowley. Magick in Theory and Practice. 1991. New York: Castle. Hardcover. Xxv + 436 pp. Very good in same D/W. $30.00
29. Crowley. Magick without Tears. 1991. Scottsdale: New Falcon. 8vo. Trade paperback. 528 pp. Spine creases. Good. $40.00
30. Crowley. Mortadello; Or, the Angel of Venice. 1992. UK: First Impressions. 8vo. Trade Paperback. 122 pp. Very good. $40.00
31. Crowley. Olla an Anthology of Sixty Years of Song. 1984. San Francisco: Ordo Templi Orientis/ Frater A.U.D.C.A.L. 4to. Vello-bound. 128 pp. Facsimile edition. Very good. Rare. $100.00
32. Crowley. On Magick: An Introduction to the High Art. 1974. San Francisco: Level Press. 12mo. Staple bound. 75 pp. Small binders error, back wrap does not quite cover the outer edge of the page (1/4”) Upper right corner of the FFEP is torn. Previous pricing sticker to the front cover, covers lightly faded with some light staining. A good copy. $20.00
33. Crowley. On Magick: An Introduction to the High Art. 1974. San Francisco: Level Press. 12mo. Staple bound. 75 pp. Covers soiled and lightly worn. Good. $20.00
34. Crowley. Satanic Extracts. 1993. UK: Mandrake. 8vo. Staple bound. 14 pp. Unpaginated. VG. $20.00
35. Crowley. The Scented Garden of Abdullah the Satirist of Shiraz. 1991. Chicago: Teitan Press. 8vo. 137 pp. Rubricated title page. ¼ cloth on off white boards with red stamping. Light smudging to the boards, VG- or G+ no D/W as issued. $60.00
36. Crowley. Seven Seven Seven (777). No date or place of publication (1970’s/ California). Level Press. 8vo. Wraps. 155 pp. Partially removed book plate to the FFEP. Light wear along the spine edges. Very good-. $40.00
37. Crowley. 777 and other Qabalistic Writings. 1979. New York: Weiser. 8vo. Black cloth with gilt stamping to the spine. Contains “Gematira”; “777 Revised” and “Sepher Sephiroth”. Very good in good D/W. $60.00
38. Crowley. Scrutinies of Simon Iff. 1987. Chicago: Teitan. 12mo. 180 pp. Red cloth with silver stamping to the spine, a nicely produced book. Very good in same D/W. $50.00
39. Crowley. Simon Iff: The Big Game. 1985. Cincinnati: Black Moon Publishing.8vo. Staple bound. 33 pp. VG-. $10.00
40. Crowley. Songs for Italy. 1993. UK: Mandrake Press. 8vo. Staple bound. 16 pp. VG. $10.00
41. Crowley. Songs of the Spirit. 1992. UK: First Impressions. 12mo. 109 pp. Small stain to upper edge not affecting the text. Good+. $25.00
42. Crowley. Soul of Osiris. 1992. UK: Mandrake Press/ First Impressions. 8vo. Trade paperback. 129 pp. Very good. $40.00
43. Crowley. Soul of the Desert. 1974. Kings Beach; CA: Thelema Publications. 12mo. Printed on one side only. Very good. $50.00
44. Crowley. The Stratagem and Other Stories. 1990. UK: Temple Press. 8vo. First thus. 108 pp. First publication of “Which Things are an Allegory”. Very good in same D/W. $40.00
45. Crowley. Summa Spes. 1993. UK: Mandrake Press. 8vo. Staple bound. 8 pp. Unpaginated. VG. $20.00
46. Crowley. Thumbs Up!: A Pentagram- A Pantacle to Win the War. 1993. UK: Mandrake Press. 8vo. Staple bound. 14 pp. VG. $25.00
47. Crowley. The Vision and the Voice with Commentary and Other Papers. The Equinox Volume IV: No. 2. 1998. York Beach: Weiser. First edition. 8vo. 452 pp. Cloth in D/W. Binding is shaken. Many dog-eared pages. A good solid reading copy of the hardcover edition in good+ D/W. $25.00
48. Crowley. White Stains. 1993. London: Duckworth. 8vo. 118 pp. Bound in black cloth with white stamping on the spine and cover. Very good in Very good D/W. $125.00
49. Crowley. The Winged Beetle. 1992. Chicago: Teitan Press. 8vo. Gilt decorated cloth. 15 pp. Introduction by Martin Starr. 228 pp. My favorite collection of AC’s poetry. Very good copy. $100.00
50. Crowley et al. Commentaries on the Holy Books and Other Papers. 1996. Maine: Weiser. First edition. 8vo. x + 382 pp. 18 full color plates. Bound in black cloth with gilt stamping to the spine and front cover. VG in VG D/W. $100.00
51. [Crowley] Cammell, Charles Richard. Aleister Crowley: The Man, The Mage and the Poet. 1962. New York: University Books. 8vo. 229 pp. 7 plates. Very good in good+ D/W. $25.00
52. [Crowley] Frater E.A.O.A. QueSTions for the Study of Liber AL. 2007. Buffalo, NY: Self Published. Limited to 12 Zodiacal Presentation copies and 56 numbered copies. This one is one of the numbered copies. Spiral bound. 16 pp. New. $30.00
53. [Crowley] Hamnett, Nina. Laughing Torso. 1932. New York: Ray Long and Richard R. Smith Inc. 8vo. 23 illustrations. 326 pp. Bound in blue cloth. Gilt to spine and front cover. Autobiographical material by Mrs. Hamnett that includes accounts of Crowley, for which he sued for libel (and lost). “Crowley had a temple in Cefalu in Sicily. He was supposed to practice black magic there, one day a baby was said to have disappeared mysteriously…” Stamps from the Alaska Commercial Co. to front and rear paste downs, and one to each of the edges of the pages. Slightly cocked, light foxing to the prelims. Good+. $50.00
54. [Crowley] Hulse, David Allen. The Genesis of the Book of the Law. Part Two: The Birth of the AA and the Legacy of the O.T.O. 2003. Edmonds: Holmes. 8vo. Staple bound. Small (dime size) stain to the front cover, else a very good copy. $30.00
55. [Crowley] Hulse. The Genesis of the Book of the Law. Part Three: The Coming of the Magical Child. 2003. Edmonds: Holmes. 8vo. Staple bound. Very good. $30.00
56. [Crowley] Stephensen, P.R., and Crowley, Aleister. The Legend of Aleister Crowley: A Study of the Facts. (Introduction by Stephen King) 2007. Australia: Helios/ OTO. First edition thus. 8vo. Wraps. 191 pp. Quality publication from the people that bring us Waratah the excellent Australian OTO occasional publication. Printed on glossy paper. The original work by Stephensen is printed on yellow paper and the substantial new material to this edition is printed on white paper. Great end pages and design, you won’t want to pass up this book. $37.50
57. Cyliani. Hermes Devoile. 1915. Paris: Biblioteque Charconac. 12mo. 58 pp. About 14 pages with underlining in pencil. Originally published in 1832. French language work on Alchemy. Very good save for the underlining. $60.00
58. De Santillana, Giorgrio and von Dechend, Hertha. Hamlet’s Mill: An Essay on Myth & Frame of Time. 1969. Boston: Gambit. First edition. 8vo. xi + 505 pp. Illustrated. VG in same D/W. $30.00
59. Dee, John. The Heptarchia Mystica. (edited by Robert Turner) 1986. UK: Aquarian Press. Trade paperback. 8vo. 126 pp. Very good. $100.00
60. Dee, John. A True and Faithful Relation of what passed for many years between Dr. John Dee and Some Spirits. 1992. New York: Magickal Childe. Hardcover. Folio. Wear to the corners and edges, light smudging to the top edge, light water damage to the outer edge, does not affect text at all. This has also caused a small black “run” from the boards creating small stain going across the outer page edges. Still a good copy. $150.00
61. Dee, John (attributed to) The Rosie Crucian Secrets: The Excellent Method of making Medicines of Medals also their Lawes and Mysteries. (edited by E.J. Langford Garstin) 1985. UK: Aquarian. 8vo. Trade Paperback. 304 pp. Shelf wear to the bottom edge, light spine creases. Good+ to VG-. $50.00
62. Delobel, Em. Cours D’Alchimie Rationelle. Premiere Partie. Demonstration Exoterique De L’Alchimie Preuves de sa Realite Scientifique. 1908. Paris: H. Daragon. First edition. 8vo. 112 pp. French Language work on alchemy. Rare. Good+. $100.00
63. Fanger, Claire (ed.) Conjuring Spirits: Texts and Traditions of Medieval Ritual Magic. 1988. Pennsylvania State University Press. 8vo. Trade paperback. 284 pp. Illustrated. Very good. $20.00
64. Farr, Florence. Egyptian Magic. 1983. UK: Aquarian Press. 8vo. Trade Paperback. xvii + 85 pp. First published in the Collectanea Hermetica. Light stain to the lower outer edges, does not effect the inner pages, else a very good copy. $30.00
65. Fernando, Diana. Alchemy: An Illustrated A to Z. 1998. UK: Blanford. 4to. 192 pp. Heavily illustrated. VG+ in same D/W. $25.00
66. Ficino, Marsilio (Translated and edited by Charles Boer) Marsilio Ficino’s Three Books of Life. 1994. Woodstock, CT: Spring. 8vo. Trade paperback. 217 pp. Spine is lightly sunned, else very good. Important work on renaissance magic. $40.00
67. Fortune, Dion. Sane Occultism. 1967. UK: Aquarian Press. 8vo. Cloth. 192 pp. VG> $25.00
68. Fortune. The Training and Work of an Initiate. 1976. New York: Weiser. 8vo. 125 pp. Bound in red cloth with gilt stamping to spine. VG in same D/W. $30.00
69. Fries, Jan. Visual Magick. 1992. UK: Mandrake Press. 8vo. Trade paperback. 136 pp. VG. $15.00
70. Goldberg, B.Z. The Sacred Fire: The Story of Sex in Religion. 1932. New York: Horace Liveright. 8vo. 386 pp. Nicely illustrated including two by A.O. Spare associate Fredrick Carter (not attributed). Bound in blue cloth with sharp gilt stamping to the spine and front cover. Good+. $25.00
71. Grant, James. Rob Roy. 1883. Philadelphia: J.P. Lippincott. 8vo. 387 pp. Fair only, but a decent reading copy of this hard to come by novel recommended by Crowley on the AAreading lists. $20.00
72. Grant, Kenneth. Hecate’s Fountain. 1992. UK: Skoob. First edition. 8vo. 288 pp. 21 plates. Black cloth with silver stamping to the spine. No D/W. Red mark to the top edge (not a remainder mark), small accidental pen mark to the outer page edge. About Good+. $150.00
73. Grant, Kenneth. Remembering Aleister Crowley. 1991. UK: Skoob. First edition. 4to. 66 pp. Many illustrations quite a few in full color. One of my favorite Grant books, this copy very good in same D/W. $30.00
74. Gray, W.G. Magical Ritual Methods. 1969. UK: Helios Books. First edition. 8vo. 301 pp. VG in VG (light edge wear/ price clipped) D/W. $35.00
75. Harvey, Gerald. Vampires and Grave-Robbers: Amazing Excerpts from the Literature of a Hideous Phase of Human Behavior. 1946. Girard, Kansas: Haldeman-Julius Publications. 8vo. Staple bound wraps. G. $10.00
76. Hirstentein, S and Tiernan, M. Muhyiddin Ibn’Arabi: A Commemorative Volume. 1993. Dorset: Element. First edition. 8vo. 379 pp. A very good copy in same D/W. A rare collection of essays on this important Sufi. $150.00
77. Hodges, Edward Lewis. Teachings of the Secret Order of the Christian Brotherhood. 1952. Santa Barbara: J.F. Rowny Press. 8vo. Cloth in D/W. 178 pp. A few small stains to the D/W one of which is a half an old drink ring that has bled onto the front board. About very good in good D/W. $40.00
78. Ibn ‘Arabi, Muhyi-d-din. The Wisdom of the Prophets (Fusus al-Hukam) 1975. UK: Beshara. 8vo. Wraps. xi + 146 pp. Good. $15.00
79. James, Geoffrey. The Enochian Magick of Dr. John Dee. 1994. St. Paul: Llewellyn. 8vo. First paperback edition. Re-titled edition of James’ excellent Enochian Evocation originally published by Heptangle. 204 pp. Pages starting to brown, else very good. $75.00
80. Jung, C.G. Aion: Researches into the Phenomenology of the Self. Volume 9, II of the Collected Works. 1959. New York: Pantheon/ Bollingen. 8vo. xi + 344 pp. Very good copy in same D/W. $15.00
81. Kelly, Aidan A. Crafting the Art of Magic: A History of Modern Witchcraft 1939-1964. 1991. St. Paul: Llewellyn. First edition. 8vo. Trade Paperback. xxiii + 190 pp. Excellent study on Gardner, Valiente and the origins of Wicca. Several versions of Gardner’s Book of Shadows are presented in the volume as well. Rare. $100.00
82. Kieckhefer, Richard. Magic in the Middle Ages. 1997. Cambridge University. 8vo. Trade Paperback. 219 pp. Excellent study. $20.00
83. Keisel, William (editor) Picatrix. Ghayat Al-Hakim: The Goal of the Wise. Volume 1. (translated by Hashem Atallah. 2002. Seattle: Ouroboros Press. First English edition. Limited to 1000 numbered copies. 170 pp. Very fine in same dust jacket. Out of print and sought after; volume two is due out in the next couple of months. $200.00
84. Lancre, Pierre de. (translated and edited by Gerhild Scholz Williams) On the Inconstancy of Witches. Tableaude L’Inconstance des Mauvais Anges et Demons (1612) . 2006. Tempe, AZ: ACMRS. First English translation. 8vo. Hardcover. 586 pp. Excellent treatise on 17th Century Witchcraft, containing what is considered to be one of the finest accounts of the mythic Witches Sabbath. Very fine. $100.00
85. Lazzarelli, Ludovico. (translated by Wouter J. Hanegraaff and Ruud M. Bouthoorn). Lodovico Lazzarelli: The Hermetic Writings and Related Documents. 2005. Tempe, AZ: MRTS. First English edition. 8vo. Hardcover. 356 pp. Very fine. $70.00
86. Levi, Eliphas. The Book of Splendours. 1977. New York: Weiser. 8vo. Cloth. 8 pages with highlighting, one page with two sentences underlined in pen. Pages browning. Otherwise VG in Good D/W. $20.00
87. Levi. The History of Magic. (translated by A.E. Waite) 1963. Los Angeles: Borden. 8vo. 385 pp. Cloth. Good. $50.00
88. Lovecraft, H. P. and Derleth, August. The Watchers out of Time and Others. 1974. Sauk City, WI: Arkham. 8vo. 405 pp. Very good. $20.00
89. Lovecraft, H.P. and Divers Hands. The Dark Brotherhood and other Pieces. 1966. Sauk City, WI: Arkham House. 8vo. 1 of 3500 copies. Spine lightly faded, VG. No D/W. $50.00
90. [Lovecraft] Derleth, August (ed by) Dark Mind, Dark Heart. 1962. Sauk City, WI; Arkham House. 8vo. 249 pp. One of 2500 copies. Spine lightly faded, VG, no D/W. $30.00.
91. [Lovecraft] Mitchell, D.M. (editor) The Starry Wisdom: A Tribute to H.P. Lovecraft. 1996. London: Creation Books. 8vo. Trade paperback. 191 pp. Very good. $10.00
92. [Lovecraft] Pelton, Fred L. A Guide to the Cthulhu Cult. 1998. Seattle: Armitage House. 8vo. Trade Paperback. First edition thus. 148 pp. Very good+. $50.00
93. [Lovecraft] Price, Robert M. The Azathoth Cycle: The Blind Idiot God. 1995. Oakland CA: Chaosium. 8vo. Trade Paperback. First edition. 234 pp. + adds. Missing half title page, pencil mark to title page. Good. $30.00
94. [Masonic] Anonymous. Handbook for the District Deputy Grand Masters. No date (ca. 1960’s?) Grand Lodge of the State of New York. 8vo. Staple bound. 50 pp. Very good. Rare. $20.00
95. [Masonic] Fouquet, L. Luciferianism or Satanism in English Masonry. 1898. Montreal: Cadieux & Derome. First edition. 8vo. 114 pp. + xxi pp. 2 volumes bound as one with original wraps bound in. Paper covered boards with leather spine label. INSCRIBED BY THE AUTHOR at each section. Ecclesiastical stamp on title pages and page 39, with catalog numbers. Light foxing, a few minor tears some repaired, else a very good copy. An interesting and rare study. $300.00
96. [Masonic] Garver, Will L. Brother of the Third Degree. 1964. Alhambra, CA: Borden. 8vo. 377 pp. Previous owners name on FFEP. Hardcover with gilt stamping to spine and front cover. VG in same D/W. $15.00
97. [Masonic] Hammond, William. Masonic Emblems and Jewels: Treasures at Freemason’s Hall London. 1917. London: George Philip and Son. First edition. 8vo. 91 pp. 42 half tone plates & 18 color plates. A great resource on period Masonic Treasures. Light foxing, White stamping to the spine is almost gone, stamping to the front cover still strong. Bound in blue cloth. Good+. $100.00
98. [Masonic] Ivins, Anthony W. Relationship of “Mormonism” and Freemasonry. 1934. Salt Lake City: Dessert News Press. First edition. 8vo. Green pebbled cloth. 254 pp. Form presentation letter addressed to “Elder Ralph Hatch” attached to the FFEP from the LDS. Binding lightly shaken, wear to the corners and edges. Some bracketing in pen and pencil to the margins. Over all a good copy of the uncommon first edition of this work. $50.00
99. [Masonic] McCarthy, R W Richard L. British Military Masonic Lodges in the Niagara Frontier. 1982. 8vo. Staple bound. 16 pp. Dedicated to Glen Ludemann who in turn has signed this copy to Stuart Sturges, the one time Master of the American Lodge of Research. This pamphlet also has Sturges’ blind stamp on the front cover and 5th page. Very good. Rare. $15.00
100. [Masonic] Redding, Moses. The Standard Ahiman Rezon and Blue Lodge Guide. 1885. New York: Redding and Co. 8vo. Blue Cloth with gilt stamping to cover and spine. Many nice illustrations. Light general cover wear. Wear to top of spine, front gutter has small whole. Very good-. $50.00
101. [Masonic] Spencer, Walter. Freemasonry: Its Outward and Visible Signs. A Description of the Jewels, Clothing and Furniture for all Degrees. No date. (1880) 2nd edition. London: Spencer’s Masonic Depot. 12mo. 106 pp. + xii pp. catalog of books available. 40 plates, 9 in color, 1 is a fold out. Tipped in comments. Catalog of Spencer’s Masonic Regalia Co. Consists of full descriptions of the various degree regalia and Lodge furnishings. Beautifully illustrated. Bound in blue blind stamped cloth with gilt stamping to spine and front cover. 2 plates laid loose in the volume, they don’t appear to have ever been attached. An excellent reference and beautiful publication. Rare. $500.00
102. [Masonic] Various. Transactions: The American Lodge of Research Free and Accepted Masons. Volume XV: No. 3. March, 1983- December 27th, 1983. 1983. Grand Lodge of New York State. 8vo. Wraps. 150 pp. Topics include: Masonic Insignias Worn by Masons on Civil War Uniforms; Chiropractic and Masonry; Benjamin Franklin: A Freemason and a man for all times; etc. Very good. $15.00
103. [Masonic] Various. Transactions: The American Lodge of Research Free and Accepted Masons. Volume VXI: No. 1. 1984. 1989. 8vo. Wraps. 219 pp. This volume consists of the essay “George Washington in New York” by Allan Boudreau and Alexander Bleimann. Illustrated. Signed by Stuart Sturges who was the head of the Lodge of Research at the time. Very good. $20.00
104. [Masonic] Various. Transactions: The American Lodge of Research Free and Accepted Masons. Volume XXII: 1993. 1994.Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of New York 8vo. Wraps. 133 pp. Topics include: The Masonic Conspiracy; Vitruvian Ideas in Modern Freemasonry; The Degree of the Red Feather; An Essay on Masonic Numbers etc. Very good. $15.00
105. Mathers, MacGregor. The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abra-melin the Mage. 1974. New York: Causeway. 8vo. xlviii + 268 pp. Bound in orange cloth in D/W. VG/ VG. $40.00
106. Mathers. The Kabbalah Unveiled. 1978. Weiser: New York. 8vo. xiii + 360 pp. Bound in blue cloth with gilt stamping to the spine. VG in VG- (lightly sunned) D/W $50.00
107. McDonald, W. Spiritualism: Identical with Ancient Sorcery, New Testament Demonolgy, and Modern Witchcraft. 1866. New York: Carlton and Porter. 12mo. 212 pp. In it’s attack on Spiritualism it actually becomes an interesting work on the subjects in it’s subtitle. Ornate blind stamped brown boards, gilt to the spine. Binding is lightly shaken, some light edge wear and mild staining to the outer edge. Pages tight and clean, a nice copy overall. $100.00
108. Neuburg, Victor B. Songs of the Groves. 1921. Steyning, Sussex: The Vine Press. First and only edition. #167 of 500 copies. 139 pp. ¼ cloth on orange boards with striking wood cut block design on the front cover. Considered by many to be Neuburg’s finest collection of poetry. Light wear to the edges and corners, light soiling to the boards, a few torn pages due to indelicate opening of the pages. Still a good and striking volume, rare. $200.00
109. Newman, William R. The Summa Perfectionis of Pseudo-Geber: A Critical Edition, Translation & Study. 1991. Leiden: E.J. Brill. First edition. Thick 8vo. 785 pp. Front hinge cracked, bump to spine and crinkle and tear to the spine of the D/W. Still a very good copy of this rare and important scholarly work on Alchemy. $250.00
110. Parfitt, Will. The Living Qabalah: A Practical and Experiential Guide to Understanding the Tree of Life. 1988. Dorset: Element Books. 8vo. Trade paperback. 257 pp. Very good. $10.00
111. Pauwles, Louis and Bergier, Jaques. The Morning of the Magicians. 1964. New York: Stein and Day. First American edition. 8vo. 300 pp. Good no D/W. $15.00
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