A Literary Selection from the Works of Marcelo Ramos Motta

This volume of rare and selected literary works contains poetry from Marcelo Ramos Motta’s Poesias, first published in Brasil in 1951 e.v. It is here translated from Portuguese into English for the first time. The volume also contains two screenplays and a novelet. Both screenplays were produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in the late 50s e.v, and his sci-fi novelet, The Silver Cube first appeared in Future Science Fiction in 1958 e.v. These literary works present a further insight into the works of the Thelemic Initiate and visionary Marcelo Ramos Motta, and they shed a light into the creative endeavors of his earlier years.

— http://www.lulu.com/shop/marcelo-ramos-motta/a-literary-selection-from-the-works-of-marcelo-ramos-motta/paperback/product-23229981.html

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