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Half a century before Crowley a hitherto unknown “astrological professor and magician” was at work in Liverpool. England. He was also a herbalist and a galvanist. Like Crowley, he (and his associates, but especially him) were accused of practising and promoting sexual immorality and undermining religious propriety. He developed his own system for crystal skrying involving placing the skrying glass at the centre of “bonds” – diagrams with names of power. The bond for men and women were different indicating an awareness of tantric polarity.

His technique for facilitating the visions which were seen not by himself, but by the clients themselves, has similarities with eroto-comotose lucidity, the sex magick technique described by Aleister Crowley.

He was part of a milieu, seers who performed a perilous magical ritual, with similarities to the then as yet unpublished Goetia, to establish contact with the spirits in order to enable them to obtain visions in the skrying glasses. His magical manuscript survives and it is here published in full. Effectively it is a magic book of an urban cunning man with a strong folkish element. There is an imaginative narrative that suggests Crowley was initiated by the famous Essex cunning man George Pickingill. The eye-opening material published here shows that there were analogies between 19th Century clandestine folk magic and Crowley’s highly academic approach, not least the ambiguity as to whether the practitioner was empowering or abusing those who came under his spell!

The publication is called A Complete System of Magic, the title given by the practitioner to his manuscript. It consists of four hardback book in a felt lined slipcase:-

  • 1) the complete transcript of the manuscript
  • 2) biography of the practitioner by Dan Harms
  • 3) Daniel Harms, Witch Bottles, Steel & Glass, provides context and background for procedures given in the manuscript
  • 4) Daniel Harms, Wax Images, “Voodoo Dolls”, Figurines, Manikins & Poppets gives context and background for procedure given in the manuscript

Also enclosed in the slipcase is a hardback folder in which holds:-

  • 1) Large format sheet on which are reproductions as cuttings of the 12 newspaper articles which, though very hostile, are highly informative regarding the practitioner and his milieu.
  • 2) Facsimiles of all sections of the manuscript (except one part poorly copied from Agrippa’s Fourth Book).
  • 3) Limitation sheet with bookplate blocked in pure gold and inscribed to the person acquiring the set by a calligrapher. This can be unfolded to reveal certain instructions but one would have to break a wax seal bearing the imprint of the Society of Esoteric Endeavour. These instructions give the method by which one can access a felt lined secret chamber in the slipcase which contains items required for practising the Complete System of Magic. Some people can find their way in without guidance but most people cannot! It is a challenge!

Inside the chamber are:-

  • 1) the three “bonds” – the diagrams with names of power upon which the skrying glasses are placed.
  • 2) Round skrying glass.
  • 3) Egg shaped skrying glass – as used by the Liverpool seers.
  • 4) Cylindrical skrying glass – as used by the Liverpool seers.
  • 5) A metal ring upon which the oval and round glass can be placed
  • 6) Beeswax for making wax images.
  • 7) Vervain Leaves (manuscript deals with its magical properties).
  • 8) Vervain Root (manuscript deals with its magical properties).
  • 9) Naturally shed wild snakeskin (manuscript deals with its magical properties).

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Please note, sets are made to order. Only enough sets will be made to fulfil orders received by November 18th. Thereafter no orders will be accepted and this title will be out of print

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