A Reminder

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ACS_LAShTAL_COMFrom the owner and editor of LAShTAL.COM:

Recent unacceptable activities by registered members of this website – involving News Submissions, News Comments and Forum Posts – mean that this is an appropriate time to remind visitors and members of some of our basic principles.

IP addresses are tracked – they are not routinely shared but will be provided to law enforcement agencies on request in the event of accusations of behaviour amounting to criminal activity.

We reserve the right to remove any News items, News Comments, Forum Posts, Private Messages and Accounts, together with any other submitted material, including but not limited to Graphics, Downloads and Links for any reason and without justification or explanation.

Profanities, personal attacks, discussions about site policies, false statements and copyrighted materials (or links to the same) will not be tolerated, and such activities will be summarily deleted.

Membership of The Aleister Crowley Society and participation in LAShTAL.COM requires compliance with the Guidelines.

LAShTAL.COM hosts Forums, downloads, links, galleries and other interactive or collaborative resources as a service for visitors and members with an interest in Thelema or in the life, works and legacy of Aleister Crowley. LAShTAL.COM doesn’t promote a particular interpretation of Thelema and neither does it seek to teach or initiate. It is emphatically not an ‘occult site’.

Membership of LAShTAL.COM and The Aleister Crowley Society is free and places the member under no obligations beyond acceptance of the Guidelines. Members will never be required to pay for services provided by LAShTAL.COM or The Aleister Crowley Society — donations are welcome and may be sent through PayPal to webmaster@lashtal.com. Any emails or other contact professing to be from this site and containing requests for payment for online services should be deleted as spam.

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