AC on BBC Radio 3: Sunday 19 August 2012

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Words And Music: Beyond Good and Evil

BBC Radio 3: 6.30pm on Sunday 19 August 2012

Aleister Crowley’s poem, Hymn To Lucifer, will feature in the August 19 2012 edition of BBC Radio 3’s highly acclaimed Words And Music series.

Words and Music on the theme of Evil. Readings by Ann Mitchell and Andrew Wincott. With texts from the Bible, Beowulf and Blake. With Music by Berg, Britten and Black Sabbath.

A whirlwind tour through the dark alleys of Evil: from the Garden of Eden in Genesis and Milton’s Paradise Lost, to the vampires and dominatrices of Baudelaire and Swinburne, via the black magic of Aleister Crowley and Marlowe, to the apocalyptic visions of Blake and Dante, taking in the Evil lurking in the German forest to the cloven hoof on the carpet where Evil is located by Auden in the everyday world, “unspectacular and always human”.

Producer Clive Portbury

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