ALEF Skopje presents: Magick of Thelema

Magick of Thelema

9th of November (Wednesday)

19:30 Stojan Nikolić – Thelemic Orders
19:50 Shiva Xº – Aspiring to the Great Ordеr I
21:00 Vera Nikolić- The Role of Women in Thelema

10th of November (Thursday)

19:30 Shiva Xº – Aspiring to the Great Ordеr II
20:50 Tau Merlin – My Magical Life

Business Hall Conference Center

Fair Ticket for one day: 200 MKD.
Ticket for two days: 300 MKD.

Shiva Xº, has been a member of the OTO for 28 years. He has served as the Frater Superior’s Representative for Australia since 1990, and as the OTO National Grand Master General of the Australian Grand Lodge since its founding in 2006. He is currently editing a new and authoritative edition of “Magick Without Tears” for OTO International Headquarters. Tau Merlin has been a member of the OTO for 22 years. He is a Bishop from Norway with a vast practical experience in the matters of Magick combining various sources and systems.

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