Aleister Crowley: Catalogue 113 From Weiser Antiquarian

More remarkable items available from Weiser Antiquarian in their latest catalogue…

The catalogue is divided into six sections, the first of which comprises prints of artwork by Leon Engers Kennedy and Frieda Lady Harris. The second section lists works by and about Crowley. It is rich in rarities, with many of the books having an interesting provenance: a first edition of The Book of Lies belonged to Frater Zopiron: the last person to be initiated into Agape Lodge of the O.T.O. in California, copies of The Stratagem and One Star in Sight belonged to W. T. Smith, founder of “The Church of Thelema,” head of Agape Lodge of the O.T.O. in California, whilst a copy of the Shih Yi is from the library of its publisher, Helen Parsons Smith.

Two issues of The English Review, were Aleister Crowley’s own copies, with each containing a few annotations in his handwriting.

There are also some stunning ephemeral items, including a record of a chess game, filled out in Crowley’s handwriting on a specially printed score sheet from the Hastings & St. Leonards Chess Club, a telegram sent by Frieda Lady Harris to Crowley, with Crowley’s annotations, and a proof copy of a Thoth tarot card upon which Crowley has drawn an astrological chart for Frieda Lady Harris … to name but a few.

The third section is made up of a collection of works that in one way or another relate to Aleister Crowley. They vary from the peripheral and eccentric, to important source-works, and include a significant run of G. M. Kelly’s provocative The New Aeon Newsletter and a complete set of Vol. I of Nuit Isis magazine.

The fourth section is devoted to works written or edited by Marcelo Motta, and includes the rare, signed, Edition Deluxe of The Equinox. Vol. V, No. 2 and other unusual works.

The fifth section comprises a substantial collection of the Pangenetor Lodge booklets published by Jerry and Marlene Cornelius in the 1990s.

The final section is devoted to the good-humouredly irascible British bookseller George Frederick Sims (1923-1999), who probably sold more Crowley rarities than any of his peers, and made something of a speciality of works by “the Beast” at a time when most booksellers (and buyers) disdained him. It includes Sims’ autobiography and a selection of his catalogues, each a work of erudition.

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