Aleister Crowley: Sir Palamedes

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The 100th Monkey Press is pleased to announce a new edition of Aleister Crowley’s Sir Palamedes.

Crowley considered “Sir Palamedes” his most ambitious attempt to describe the Path of the Wise.  It is an account of the Great Work composed, at the suggestion of his friend and mentor, Allan Bennett, in the style of the classic literature describing “the Quest.”

Each book is bound by hand and measures 9” x 8”. 144 pages. Printed in black and blue on high quality, 70 pound text weight, acid-free, Mohawk Via felt paper chosen specifically for this edition. The covers consist of a glued-up composition of embossed fabric and 65 pound Neenah Astrobrights paper.  The spine incorporates rough-sawn cedar strips with the book itself being bound with two copper rivets.  The text is set in a combination of Argos A Nouveau and Nyala fonts with decorative graphics featured throughout the book.

Photos and additional information about this book can be found at:

This edition is limited to 150 numbered copies. Price USD $23.95.

As an added bonus, each book comes with a hand-bound copy of Crowley’s The Chymical Jousting of Brother Peradua. As usual, each copy also includes a handsome bookplate and bookmark.

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