Aleister Crowley: The Prince-Priest

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As the result of interest from members of this site, I have placed a copy of a PDF of my presentation regarding the Cairo Working in the Downloads section of this website (look for Downloads under Resources in the main menu – the document is in the LAShTAL ‘folder’).

This is the PowerPoint slideshow I used as the basis for my talk at Treadwells for Hecate’s excellent Save The Abbey event earlier this year at Treadwells Bookshop in London and I am presenting it here with her permission. I have retained copyright to the original material – other copyrights are listed in the Download description – and the document is not to be reproduced elsewhere in any format.

It is still my plan to make available all the material from the day’s talks – presentations together with audio recordings or transcripts – available for download from this site.



I would urge anyone downloading today’s file to send a donation via Paypal – just send funds to and include the word ‘Hecate’ in the relevant online form. I will ensure that all donations so marked are forwarded to Hecate’s fund.

There’s much that is missing from the presentation, of course. First, my talk included much peripheral and explanatory material. Secondly, I have developed the content substantially in preparation for my forthcoming book. A couple of items are no longer current or have been found to be in error. However, I hope that readers will find much that is suggestive of at least some of the larger mysteries, puzzles and possible solutions.

The file is only available to Registered Members. Membership is free.





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