Aleister MacAlpine – Ataturk Crowley

Aleister MacAlpine: Ataturk Crowley: Randall Gair: Count Charles Edward D’Arquires (1937-2002)

In 1934, in the course of the celebrated ‘Laughing Torso’ libel case, the 58 year old occultist Aleister Crowley was introduced to a 19 year old from Newlyn, Cornwall, named Patricia Doherty. Three years later, on May 2nd 1937 in Newcastle, she gave birth to the boy Crowley considered his son and heir, Randall Gair – nicknamed Aleister Ataturk. Ataturk was educated in Scotland and in the early sixties, visited Kenneth Anger in the US, but West Cornwall was his family home and he lived there for several years.

Writer Des Hannigan describes his own memories.

Source: Aleister MacAlpine Ataturk Crowley Des Hannigan

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William Thirteen

The article mentions a family & children – is this correct?