An Evening of Art, Magick and Initiation

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An exciting Berlin event. All of the lectures will be in English and two of them address Aleister Crowley directly.

August 31st 20:00 – 24:00
Z-Bar – Bergstrasse 2


20:00: The Fool’s Journey: Cosmic Evolution and Initiation in The Thoth Tarot – Robert Stein

The Thoth Tarot reveals a tale of Cosmic Evolution and Individual Initiation. Cosmically it outlines Origin, Deluge and Apocalypse. For the Individual, Body is depicted as Law, Love, Liberty and Life; Soul as Ordeal, Development and Enlightenment; and  Spirit as the Uttermost Abyss and Attainment.

Robert Stein (USA) is a Thelemic scholar and member of Ordo Templi Orientis. His current interest is the models and symbolism used in Thelema relating the Tarot to Cosmic Evolution and the Path of Initiation. He encourages individuals to increase their Knowledge and Understanding of Life Principles (Initiation) and to challenge all authority in the search for truth.


21:00: Thelema and the Yezidi – Brother Azi Rasa

Aleister Crowley once claimed that Thelema was connected with the ancient religion of the Yezidi people. This talk will provide an introduction to Yezidi culture and key beliefs, noting interesting parallels to Thelema including ritual practices, cosmology & magical formulae.

Brother Azi Rasa (USA) is a member of Ordo Templi Orientis and has toured the USA lecturing on Thelema and the Yezidi. He also appeared on the podcasts Thelema NOW, Expanding Mind, and Speech in the Silence. Azi is also a member of the OTO Psychology Guild.


22:00: All Art is Magick: Crowley’s Abbey and the Artistic Foundations of Thelema – Robert Buratti

Crowley’s time in Cefalu, Sicily is one of the most discussed and yet least understood periods of his life. At the Abbey his magical practice found a revised direction in its total amalgamation with his artistic pursuits. Australian researcher and curator, Robert Buratti speaks on creativity as a fundamental part of Thelemic thought and experience.

Robert Buratti (AU) is a member of Ordo Templi Orientis and works as a curator specialising in artist and collection management, arts writing and exhibition management.  He regularly consults to local and international museums on special exhibitions, including the Venice Biennale. His art criticism has been published in Artist Profile magazine, Australian Art Review and The Australian newspaper amongst others.


23:00 The Alpha & Omega of Initiation – Frater Shiva

Frater Shiva (AU) will provide a brief overview of the O.T.O. system of Initiation, drawing from a rare manuscript by Aleister Crowley’s student, C.S. Jones. This account of the O.T.O. grades and service to humanity will be examined by Frater Shiva, whose own O.T.O. journey commenced in 1988 and has seen him work through all the degrees up to and including the National Grand Master Tenth Degree. He will also be reading a draft chapter from a book he is currently writing about the Order.

Berlin Programme for more details.

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