Aleister Crowley wore his top hat with a jaunty air of elegance and precision. It was adorned with brass and titanium goggles which matched his brass and titanium cane perfectly, upon which the word Thelema was spelt out in brass letters of Greek. At his side was a large leather physician’s bag, though Crowley held his doctorate on matters far more arcane and sublime, some even pertaining to the Voudon Masonic Order of the White Snake, an organisation spoke of in hushed tones in the absinthe lounges of the continent. Doctor Crowley was just one of a long list of titles that he routinely adopted and which he found to be most beneficial in his dealing with ladies of the aristocracy. He held open the heavy door to carriage 23 of the London-Mars Imperium Express and barked commands to the army of porters on the platform of St Pancras station.

“Yes the statue of Lord Wilde is magnificent, but please gentlemen, pay attention to my needs.”

He made the remark as several porters halted beneath the massive bronze statue of the poet to admire its pose. He had experienced similar difficulties in circumnavigating the huge statue of two of Her Majesty’s finest explorers, back to back, weapons raised that stood outside the entrance to the station, newspaper sales boys congregating at the base of the plinth on which they stood.

“Come, bring the library boxes first”.

Sir Aleister Crowley, adventurer, mystic and diplomat appears in a number of the stories in this newly published collection, ARCHONIX: THE CHRONICLES OF LENG. For the first time stories published in a number of limited editions are now collected together with exclusive new works. THIS COLLECTION will appeal to fans of Steampunk, Science Fiction, the Occult and Lovecraft. Together these themes document the history of the sorceries of ZAL and the ancient war with the Virr, or Archons.

“Sean Woodward needs no introduction to most of you. This is a volume which I have been looking forward to for some time and I will encourage all of you who take an interest in fantasy fiction, horror, sci-fi, Lovecraft, Voudon-Gnosticism and Typhonian Magic to keep an all-seeing eye out for this!” – Kyle Fite

This is the definitive paperback edition of the guide to the Leng Mythos and the sorceries of ZAL – ARCHONIX: THE CHRONICLES OF LENG.

NOW AVAILABLE FROM AMAZON with all new material such as THE FALL OF LENG, POET-KING OF LENG and THE CRYSTAL PARLIAMENT. Journey to the icy plateau of Leng, marvel at the Age of Steam and The Gentleman Ape! Travel aboard the London-Mars Express with the mystic Sir Aleister Crowley. Discover the secret of the Brompton Time-machine! Over 500 pages with a cover designed by the author.

AVAILABLE TODAY FROM AMAZON – search for ARCHONIX. SEAN WOODWARD is an author, visionary artist and musician. His work has been internationally published and he has been a speaker at the Writing Industries Conference as well as several festivals and conferences. He has over three and a half decades of dedicated magical experience and artistic expression. He has been a speaker at The Glastonbury Occult Conference, Left Hand Path Consortium, Pagan Pride UK, The Angel Group, Nottingham Playhouse, Derby City Life, and Chesterfield Festival amongst others. He is a gnostic bishop and the OTOA-LCN Grand Master for Great Britain, Ireland and Australia. VISIT for the latest news.

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