Solar Lodge Meets Poke Runyon

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This Thursday, May 17th, 2012, at 8:00 PM, Pacific Daylight Time (in California), The Hermetic Hour will present a book review by host Poke Runyon of the newly released Inside Solar Lodge, Behind the Veil by Frater Shiva.

Solar Lodge was the legendary psychedelic era magical group in the Los Angeles area that flourished from the mid-1960s until it was driven underground by a anti-occult witch hunt following a tragic fire at its desert commune near Blythe in 1969. Regardless of whatever criticisms could be made about Solar Lodge — and most were grossly exaggerated — it was the most magically powerful, focused and cohesive magical organization since the early days of The Golden Dawn.

The true story of its fascinating origin, development and eventual decline is finally told by the man who was the Solar Lodge’s chief executive officer under the command of Thelemic Avatrix Jean Brayton. And who better to tell the story? Frater Shiva will call in during the second half of the show, and give us his personal views on the subject. — So, if you really want to know about the magical revival in California, tune in and we’ll lift the veil.


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