Astonishing List from Caduceus Books

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The latest list of books available from Caduceus Books (UK) contains an astonishing variety of books – not to mention some fabulous works by Austin Osman Spare. Here’s a summary of just some of the books… 

John Whiteside (Jack) Parsons, Three Essays on Freedom
Frater Achad, The Chalice of Ecstasy
Kenneth Anger, Hollywood Babylon II
Kenneth Anger, Hollywoood Babylon
Anon, Goetia, Equinox Bookshop 1976
Charles Baudelaire (Trans. Aleister Crowley), Little Poems in Prose
Martin Booth, A Magickal Life, A Biography of Aleister Crowley
Denis Clark (relating to Aleister Crowley), Swordfish and Stromboli, Beachcombing round Sicily
Richard T. Cole, Thelema Revisited, In Search of Aleister Crowley
Aleister Crowley, Amrita, Essays in Magical Rejuvenation
Aleister Crowley, Book of Goetia
Aleister Crowley, Equinox of the Gods, Eight Lectures on Yoga
Aleister Crowley, Equinox Vol.I No.s1-10 & Vol.III No.1
Aleister Crowley, Equinox Vol.III No.4, Liber Aleph
Aleister Crowley, Holy Books of Thelema

Read on for contact details to obtain the complete list…

Ben Fernee
Caduceus Books
28 Darley Road
LE10 2RL
England, U.K.

Private premises, visitors welcome by appointment

Tel. 01455 250542 (+44 1455 250542 from abroad)
Fax. 0872 115 6287 (+44 872 115 6287from abroad)


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