Austin Osman Spare (1886-1956) | 20th Century, Drawings & Watercolors

Eight interesting works by Austin Osman Spare to be auctioned on 17 March 2016 at Christies, South Kensington, London.

Provenances include the recently deceased Robert Taylor.

Source: Austin Osman Spare (1886-1956) | Netheresque | 20th Century, Drawings & Watercolors | Christie’s

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3 comments on “Austin Osman Spare (1886-1956) | 20th Century, Drawings & Watercolors

  1. sandyboy

    It’s wonderful how the star of AOS has risen in the last few decades. I remember in the 80s buying a framed automatic drawing by him for £50, and the shop had some tiny sketches on pieces of cardboard for a few pounds. Sadly I no longer have the piece.

  2. Michael Staley

    Is the automatic you bought a drawing originally owned by Hannen Swaffer and used to illustrate an article of his in the ‘London Mystery Magazine’? If so, it’s amongst the Spares coming up for sale at Christies on March 17th. Irrespective of that, there are some very good pictures amongst these lots, and like you I’m pleased at his work starting to gain the appreciation it deserves.

  3. lashtal Post author

    Useful information from a post by Caroline Wise on Facebook yesterday: ‘Today’s Austin Spares auctioned at Christies – Swaffer sketch went for £1,375. Hybrid £3250, Automatic sketch – £5000, Young Self with Witch – £22,500, Primal Urge £10,000 and Joan Crawford – £18,750. Masks and Faces £10,000. Neveresque £5000. Note these totals are rounded up to include 25% commission and the VAT the commission. Spares always sell, and he has always been highly regarded in the art world, but these premium prices of the last couple of years perhaps show a new and proper appreciation.’

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