Austin Osman Spare Tarot Deck & Book by Strange Attractor Press

[Strange Attractor Press] will be working with one of the world’s most experienced printers of playing cards to create this hand-on facsimile edition, and ensure that the overlapping divinatory motifs found on many of the cards – a distinctive and unique feature of the original deck – are reproduced as accurately as possible. The deck’s missing Strength card, of which only a black and white photograph survives, will be recreated in full colour and included in the facsimile deck.

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Michael Staley

Looking forward to this. It was quite something, these images coming to light after languishing for decades in the archives of The Magic Circle.


I look forward to the facsimile cards. I have seen the deck reproduced in its entirety in the book, Lost Envoy, which is printed on high-class paper.
The book has scans of the deck. In the future I’ll have my own physical version of the deck. I’ll see the deck in real life. I wonder what happens when groups of cards come together.

BTW, a happy Crowleymas to everyone in the Universe.


Amazing! Leave it to OAS to take tarot to the next level. His profound understanding of symbolism and his talent in art and its connection to the unconscious mind is really on full display in these card designs.


This is being kickstarter funded and ends in 29 days. It still needs about $10k . It’s ‘all or nothing’


Excellent – so glad I saw this and could order in time.


Order? How?
I only see the News about the kickstarter.


OH! It made it’s goal! Nice!

pledged of $114,653 goal