Author: HoodooZendiq

Keys to the Hoodoo Kingdom by Sean Woodward

This book is truly a Master’s “gift” to his Chela: the parting of true gnosis in the form of actual and deeply personal EXPERIENCE. Sean draws from his real life adventures, both magickal and mundane (at times within the same breath!) to impart to the reader layers of sacred and hyper-occult knowledge. It is unprecedented! A true modern grimoire, its chapters vary from deeply heartfelt and poignant to surrealist sci-fi, and always imparting technical and workable occult knowledge, and always directly to the core of human experience.

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The Grimoire of ZAL by Sean Woodward

Published by Sirius Limited Esoterica, The Grimoire of ZAL by Sean Woodward is born of the author’s work with the Necronomicon-Physics and Time-Stations of La Couleuvre Noire. It explores LAM, the Voudon Gnostic and Lovecraft...

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