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Turas Istigh: Fortified Island #8 – Journal Release

Turas Istigh: Fortified Island #8 Turas Istigh, the eighth volume of the Irish Order of Thelema’s journal is now available. Based on the ancient cosmology of Ireland as described in primary medieval texts, Fionn takes a journey through the provinces, looking at their qualities, lessons and correspondences. In between are personal anecdotes looking at the land as mother, and characteristics of his own mother as exemplifying and reflecting the Irish provinces. At the core of the book are a series of inward journey’s, meeting animal guides and the four wise teachers of the directions to build an inner grove....

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The Candle of Vision Exhibition

1 April – 9 April 2017 12:00 to 17:00 each day Conway Mill 5-7 Conway Street Falls Road Belfast United Kingdom The Candle of Vision is an exhibition of esoteric art happening from the 1st to the 9th of April 2017 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. This will include both visual and performance art. The exhibition’s title, the Candle of Vision, is a reference to seeing into the world of Spirit and is the title of the magical autobiography of AE, the Irish mystic, poet and artist whose 150th birth date is on the 10th of April. Keep your eyes...

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Fortified Island Journal # 7 – Doorways of Perception – Available now

The Irish Order of Thelema are proud to announce the release of the 7th issue of their journal Fortified Island with a theme of Doorways of Perception. This issue features contributions on visions, altered states and the journey inwards. Contents include: Turas Istigh (building an inner grove) by Brian Breathnach Science and Spirit: An Introduction to Neurotheology by frater Ildanach Liber Astarte as Theurgic Ritual by Brandy Williams Initiation in the Big Top by frater Gishtil … and much, much more…...

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Project: Irish Order of Thelema Library

Project: Irish Order of Thelema Library In Autumn 2014 one of the members donated a sizeable library to the Order with the purpose of establishing a cornerstone to a reference library and loan library for members. This collection includes work on the qabalah, ritual magick, paganisms, shamanism, Celtic studies, divination and more. Our goal is to put up book shelves, finish indexing and put in place a system for loans and reference for members of the Order. It will be housed in the Belfast temple/ community space. If you would like to help us with this work, donations are welcome. We would appreciate donations of money (for shelves), shelving, time for indexing, and donations of relevant books. Donations Link Article Link...

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Introduction to Thelema and Scientific Illuminism – Online Course

An Introduction to Thelema and Scientific Illuminism – Online Event – Held by The Irish Order of Thelema An Introduction to Thelema and Scientific Illuminism (online course – 1 months access) Suggested Donation £10 Concessionary rate: £5 Click on the ticket URL (above) for a paypal link If you still cant afford it: Get in touch (and we’ll make arrangements) What is Thelema? Who Was Aleister Crowley? What is Scientific Illuminism? An Introduction to Aleister Crowley, his philosophy of Thelema, and the approach of scientific illuminism, or the method of science, the aim of religion. For information on content, click here....

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