Balderdash: A Treatise on Ethics by Antti P Balk

I’ve had the enormous good fortune of reading an advance copy of Antti Balk’s superb new work, Balderdash: A Treatise on Ethics.

From the book’s cover:

God. The Devil. Santa Claus. Sin. Grace. Guilt. Faith. Hope. Despair. Doubt. Certainty. Conviction. Good. Bad. Evil. Hitler. Bush. Obama. Truth. Fact. Opinion. Intelligence. Knowledge. Wisdom. Custom. Tradition. Precedent. Disobedience. Rebellion. Revolution. Liberty. Equality. Fraternity. Laziness. Selfishness. Greed. Pain. Suffering. Conflict. Safety. Freedom. Responsibility. Murder. Execution. Genocide. Property. Theft. Taxes. Rules. Laws. Regulations. Blasphemy. Obscenity. Prostitution. Marriage. Family. Children. School. Gangs. Prison. Cannabis. Opium. LSD. Alcohol. Tobacco. Firearms. OxyContin. Ritalin. Prozac. Violence. Schizophrenia. PTSD. Iraq. Afghanistan. Kosovo. Heroism. Patriotism. Nationalism. Taliban. Al-Qaeda. CIA. Oil. Gas. The U.S. Dollar. Capitalism. Communism. Fascism. Conservatives. Liberals. Moderates. Polls. Referendums. Initiatives. Democracy. Autocracy. Aristocracy. Rights. Privileges. Freedoms. Debt. Slavery. Work. Retirement. Pensions. Welfare. Mortgages. Student Loans. Private Consumption. Government Spending. Quantitative Easing. Inflation. Monopolies. Bailouts. Subsidies. Outsourcing. Trade Deficits. Globalization. Foreign Aid. Minimum Wage. Illegal Immigration. Universal Health Care. Western Medicine. Alternative Medicine. ADHD. Shyness. Depression. Vitamins. Minerals. Hormones. Vaccines. Antibiotics. Invasive Surgery. FDA. DEA. USDA. Education. Schooling. Propaganda. Politics. Religion. Advertising. Fashion. Hollywood. CNN. Stress. Happiness. Positive Thinking. Conditioning. Medication. Therapy. Science. Technology. Nature. Agriculture. Genetic Manipulation. Biofuels. Chemicals. Toxins. Obesity. Vegetarianism. Organic Farming. Local Food. Animal Rights. Climate Change. Recycling. Nuclear Power. Alternative Energy. Perpetual Motion. Peak Oil. Overpopulation. Extinction. Humans. Plants. Animals. Men. Women. Hermaphrodites. Embryos. Stem Cells. DNA. Racism. Sexism. Feminism. Love. Hate. Jealousy. Monogamy. Polygamy. Henogamy. Dowries. Divorces. Alimony. Childlessness. Singlehood. Adultery. Cohabitation. Single Parenthood. Joint Custody. Abortion. Birth Control. Teenage Pregnancy. Virginity. Celibacy. Pornography. Ethics is Balderdash.


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