BBC Radio 4 Extra – Cafe Royal

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London’s Cafe Royal has long been famous as a meeting-place for writers, artists, and colourful personalities. This is a fascinating cultural history of conversation capturing the period flavour of a unique venue.


Featuring well-known figures in the literary and artistic world of the 1950s: Sir Max Beerbohm, John Betjeman, Sir Compton Mackenzie, Alan Dent, Nina Hamnett, Wyndham Lewis, Edgar Lustgarten, Louis Golding, Eric Maschwitz, Hebert Marshall, Malcolm Muggeridge, Beverley Nichols, Hesketh Pearson, Alan Pryce-Jones, Sir John Rothenstein and Dilys Powell.


Narrated by Roger Livesey. Arranged by Guy Deghy and edited by Sasha Moorsom. Producer: DG Bridson


First broadcast on the BBC Home Service on 28th December 1955.

Source: BBC Radio 4 Extra – Cafe Royal

Next broadcast: 11.15 on Monday 20 June 2016.

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Thanks for that Paul! Very entertaining and so very british! I liked it a lot!