Behemoth, Bartzabel and Baphomet

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Behemoth have unleashed another visually stunning music video. In their classic black-and-white style, Behemoth have debuted a clip for “Bartzabel,” which is filled with blasphemy and nudity.

It’s a departure from their more recent material; “Bartzabel” isn’t a track filled with blast beats and gargling gutturals, acting more as a mood piece fairly mellow in execution.

According to various occult pages, Bartzabel is a particularly dangerous and old demon, who is “the spirit of the planet Mars.” Famed occultist Aleister Crowley even wrote about evoking the spirit of Bartzabel, which Behemoth reference throughout their newest single. Performances of Crowley’s The Bartzabel Working are still reenacted to this day.


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Behemoth have a high standard for their videos & know the right people to work with. Always eye candy from a certain aesthetic. Of course the “bottomless pit of anger” towards christianity, as one reviewer of their new album put it, may be a turn off to those who are not in the mood, I usually am & am celebratory when a new album is released. Looks like we’ll get 4 videos from this one. I’ve listened to the album only a couple times as it was released yesterday. If you didn’t like them before then you probably won’t like… Read more »