Behemoth: God = Dog

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There’s a serpent coiling round my neck
The adorning crescent moon in blazing night
The holy river Ganga flowing from my matted hair
[…] Is a God to live in a dog? No!
But the highest are of us! Elohim!

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Someone ran out of lyrical ideas ! 😇


It isn’t quite accurate that Nergal has ‘ran out of lyrical ideas’, Chris, as he has been mining Crowley Mt. for a long time now for his music & plethora of band merch (which sets the standard in the Metal world, btw). I’ve yet to see another musician with such a massive international platform, as he undoubtedly has, being weilded in this way. I’d like to think of him as an honorary ‘Lashtalian’…. & , certainly, a fantastic band to check out live if any of you haven’t already. One need not be into Metal to enjoy their show.