Best of OZ – upcoming publication from Ordo Templi Orientis, Australian Grand Lodge

After 13 years and 50 Issues, OTO Grand Lodge of Australia is making its member-only OZ magazine available to the public in this ‘best of’ compilation. Inspiring and provocative, OZ chronicles the birth and early development of the Australian Grand Lodge experiment in thought leadership, scholarship, culture and magical design.

You can subscribe to the announcement list for this publication, and upcoming publications via the website:

Subscribers will be sent a copy of one of the chapters from the book, ‘Living in the Sunlight’: “Living in the Sunlight was an early and long overlooked O.T.O. practice created by Jeanne Foster (Soror Hilarion) and taught by Aleister Crowley. Re-introduced into the Australian O.T.O. practicum by Grand Master Shiva and published in OZ 50, it compares to the exercises of modern spiritual scientists such as Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr David R. Hawkins and Dr. Bruce H. Lipton.”

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