Betty May – The Musical

Helen Lederer and Georgina Sutcliffe feature in a new musical about Betty May (the so-called ‘Tiger Woman’) in London, according to a brief and amusing review in today’s Evening Standard…

It seems even old pros can succumb to the jitters before curtain-up. Prior to appearing at Brasserie Zedel in new musical Betty May as Madame Strindberg, Helen Lederer was all of a flutter. “I’d kiss you but I’m afraid I’ll be sick all over you,” she told me. “I’m so nervous. I’ve not learned my part. Is it too late? “

She needn’t have worried and remembered most of her lines commendably. Georgina Sutcliffe, ex-wife of actor Sean Bean, proved that she is a far finer singer than she gives herself credit for. Betty May tells the story of a cockney who found fame as Tiger Woman in Belle Epoque Paris, fought with occultist Aleister Crowley and enjoyed absinthe. As did a large section of last night’s Soho audience.

Tales of Cockney Rhyme and Absinthe, Evening Standard, 19 March 2013



My thanks to Sandy for bringing this review to my attention.

I can see no mention of the show at the venue’s website – – so we may all have missed it!


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