Blogging on Crowley’s Birthday

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LAShTAL.COM is proud to announce the arrival of an important new facility for site members: Blog hosting.

Every member now has the opportunity to create a Thelemic or otherwise Crowley-focused Blog, hosted free on LAShTAL.COM. All standard Blogging functionality is available, including social networking interaction. The advantages of building your Blog on the most important and popular Thelemic website are obvious: the opportunity to share your daily thoughts within the Thelemic community is now here!

Just click on the Blogs link in the Main Menu to activate your Blog.

LAShTAL.COM continues to grow, including a huge range of facilities:

  • The best Thelemic and Crowleyan News coverage
  • A huge archive of the most significant media articles and original essays
  • Reviews of all the significant new book releases, events and so on
  • The most active and best moderated community Forums of any site within this genre
  • Web links, Downloads and Contacts, all expanding daily
  • The massive Encyclopedia Thelemica, complete with the renowned Aleister Crowley Timeline
  • The most extensive Galleries of Crowley-related images, all reproduced with copyright permission
  • An Amazon Book Shop
  • The popular Thelemic Time Server, used under free licence by dozens of sites, as a service to the wider web community
  • The Thelemica Geographica: a fantastic resource, documenting Crowley’s travels through a friendly user interface
  • Full integration with social media networks, including accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr and others

Coming soon: the re-release of the definitive Bibliographia Thelemica and much, much more.

Membership of LAShTAL.COM does, indeed, have its privileges!

Did I mention that all of this is free, being supported entirely by the owner/editor and by kind donations from members?

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